March 30, 2023
Atlético-MG x Bragantino: Hulk embezzlement after exam indicated left calf injury |  Athlete - mg

Atlético-MG x Bragantino: Hulk embezzlement after exam indicated left calf injury | Athlete – mg

a Atletico MG He lost his main player in the next round of the Brazilian Championship. attacker the structure He had a ‘small muscle injury’ in his left calf, suffered during the victory over Atletico Joe on Sunday. With the exception of recovering in record time, he will miss Coca against Bragantino, on Wednesday, at home.

shirt 7 He was reassessed on Monday by the Atlético medical department, who is also treating two other injured players – Ottavio, Igor Rabello and Pederinho. Today was to introduce the actors to begin planning for Bragantino.

without the structureKuka has some alternatives to rooster climbing. Alan Kardec trained on the ball (recovered from hip pain); Eduardo Sacha can act centrally, like Vargas.

Hulk scored Atletico’s second goal against Atlético MG but felt a calf – Photo: Isabella Azin / AGIF

After the match in Goiania, the structure Came to talk about a leg problem. He said he felt a cramp, and wished it hadn’t been more serious. At the press conference, Koca himself admitted that there was something to be evaluated, and joked: “There are full muscles (laughs)”.

the structure He came from nine consecutive matches for Atlético. His last break was in a draw with Cuiaba at Arena Pantanal, when he rested in coach Antonio Mohamed’s last game. The scorer was not even present at Monday’s training session, at Cidade de Gallo.

Against Atlético-GO, Cuca formed Atlético’s attack with Sasha and the structure More central, keno open on the left, Warsaw on the right, with River in the role of the first steering wheel. The coach changed the formations in the second half. The scorer scored the second goal and decided the victory, in a move by Sasha, Keno and Arana.

He ended up asking for a substitution in the 24th minute of the second half. She fell on the grass and was taken from the playground via a stretcher. He gave way to Nacho Fernandez, and Sasha was moved to attack the leadership. After that, the player was also sacked, and Vargas played the role of center forward until the end of the match.

Most likely to face Atletico Bragantino: Iverson. Mariano, Nathan Silva, Junior Alonso and Guilherme Arana; Allan and Gear Warrathu (Nacho); Ademir, Eduardo Sasha (Alan Kardec), and Keno

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Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG Membership Program – Photo: Disclosure