July 23, 2024

Atletico-PR beats Peñarol and takes advantage in the semi-finals

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Atletico-PR beats Peñarol and takes advantage in the semi-finals
Atletico-PR beats Peñarol and takes advantage in the semi-finals

Atletico-PR managed to unlock an excellent advantage to qualify for the Copa Sudamericana final. This Thursday, in the semi-finals, the team faced Penarol and won 2-1 away. As a result, the team only needs a tie to advance to the championship decision.

Hurricane started everything and moved forward in the first minute of the game. The team pressed Penarol to leave the ball and the ball remained with Nikao who crossed the ball. Bessoli dodged his head and Terrance hit a beautiful bike to cover the opposing goalkeeper and open the scoring for the Brazilians.

However, the hosts did not feel the blow, and continued the attack and tied at 21. Facundo Torres received a free kick on the left and crossed the area. Richard tried to get away, but slipped and the ball fell into the hands of Alvarez Martinez, who controlled the ball and managed to send it into the net equalizing the marks.

Uruguay gained confidence and went up against Atletico-PR after the comeback. The team had good chances with Cannobio, Alvarez Martinez and Facundo Torres, but the trio did not take advantage of the chances they created and the draw continued until the end of the first half.

The Brazilians returned to the second half trying to create more risks, but the Orenegro did not let their guard down and continued to try to attack, keeping the match well balanced. Gradually, the match became more and more heated, and at the age of twenty-five there was the onset of confusion in Nikau, who complained of headaches. However, VAR did not identify any irregularities and the clash resumed.

Soon after the match started, Athletico-PR managed to bypass the opponent’s defense again and scored the second goal at 29. After a free kick in the area, Peñarol’s defense moved away, and the rest was left with Pedro Rocha, who finished. First .. from the entrance to the area and hit the corner of the guard, which puts the visitor in front again.

Returning to the scoreboard, the Uruguayans launched themselves on the offensive, trying to respond in every way. The team went up and tried to threaten goalkeeper Santos with dead balls, but the Hurricane managed to withstand the opposing pressure thanks to Santos’ superb defense at 49 and left the field with a fantastic advantage to qualify for the South American final.

data sheet

Pyrrol – OR 1 x 2 Athletico – PR

Sweetened: Champion of the Century, M. Montevideo (URU)

data: September 23, 2021, Thursday

Table: 9:30 pm (Brazilia)

Rule: Diego Haro (PER)

Auxiliaries: Johnny Bosseau (PER) e Michael Orue (PER)

where: Victor H. Carrillo (PER)

yellow cards: Valentin Rodriguez, Trindade, Alvarez Martinez (Penarol); Eric, Richard, Leo Citizens and Nicholas (Atletico PR)

Objectives: Alvarez Martinez, 21 minutes from 1ºT (Penarol); Terence, 1 minute from 1ºT, and Pedro Rocha, 29 from 2ºT (Athletico-PR)

Pyrrol – Oro: Dawson. Giovanni Gonzalez, Carlos Rodriguez, Cagilmacher, Juan Ramos (Valentin Rodriguez); Trindade (Musto), Gargano (Gaitán), and Cepellini (Ariel Nahuelpán); Canopio (La Quintana), Alvarez Martinez and Facundo Torres

idiomatic: Mauricio Larrera

ATHLETICO-PR: Saints. Pedro Henrique, Thiago Heleno, Jose Evaldo and Marcinho (Cristian); Eric and Richard (Leo Citadini) and Abner Nicholas); Nicao, Terrance (Pedro Rocha) and Bessoli (Renato Kaiser)

idiomatic: Bruno Lazzaroni

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