December 4, 2022

Atlético vs Ser: see the possible line-ups for the Brazilian national team

Photo: Pedro Sousa/Atlético

Allan and Hulk should start a duel against Cear

Atlético and Ser will face each other on Sunday, 6pm, in Mineiro, for different goals in the Brazilian Championship. Gallo is trying to achieve his third win in a row to continue the fight for the direct place in the group stage of the Copa Libertadores. On the other hand, Fuso has not won in four matches and is trying to move further from the relegation zone.

The last matches of the main competitors for a place in the Copa Libertadores

See below the possible schedules for the confrontation in Mineiro.


Atlético will not have Iverson against Ser. A former Fuso player, the goalkeeper took the third yellow card against Santos and misses Gallo. Rafael will replace him.

On the left side, Cuca can choose to change. Robbins, who missed the Santos squad due to a virus, has trained normally and can return to his spot on the team. Dodd, who started against Santos, put in a good performance in the last game and left doubt in the coach’s head.

On the other hand, Mariano has to come out with a hamstring injury to his right thigh. Guga must stay ahead.

New to the duel is striker Kino, who was stopped against Santos. He should return to the team in place of Ademir. This way, Baffin stays on the right.

Atlético must enter the field with: Rafael; Goga, Jimerson, Alonso & Robbins (Dodd); Otvio and Alan Wizarshaw; Baffin, Keno and Hulk.


Sierre has seven missed matches against Atlético in Mineiro. Most of them due to physical problems: Midfielder Rodrigo Lindoso, with tendinitis in his knee. defender Messias, with a left calf injury; forward Mateus Peixoto, with a sprained ankle; Guard Richard, with a bulge in his right thigh; And defender Lucas Ribeiro, who injured his knee in the last match.

In addition, Fuso will not have the midfielder Fina, formerly Atlético. He was fired against Gois. And striker Mendoza, the star of the team, will be suspended this season.

Possible Sir lineup: Joao Ricardo; Lacerda, Louise; Outview, Marcus Victor; Nino, Richardson, Richard Coelho, Guilherme Castillo, Victor Lewis; Eric and J.