January 29, 2023

Attention! Nubank ALERTS credit card customers

the Credit card It is part of the financial life of many Brazilians. The card itself has been used far more than cash, as any establishment currently accepts the transaction.

With this increase in the use of cards, the number of customers who can be deceived when paying for their purchases or if they lose an item has also increased. Therefore, the nubank Issuing an alert to credit card customers who need to take security measures when making transactions.

Advice to all bank customers! In addition to payment, care must be taken for those who have lost the thing. In extreme cases, a credit card can do a lot of damage when lost or defrauded.

Nubank Security Tips for Customers

When the card is lost or some kind of erratic transfer is noticed, the purple color indicates that customers can block the card immediately in order to maintain security.

How to block a nubank card?

temporary block

Blocking can be done directly by the application and temporarily. First, it should be noted that the client is fully restricted when the card is blocked and all blocking functions can also be reversed. That is, if you think you have lost the card and then find it, you can reverse the situation through the app.

permanent block

For a permanent ban, the customer must realize that there is no way to reverse it, just request another copy of the card.

Suspicious transaction can be prevented automatically

If there is any suspicion of a fraudulent transaction, the bank itself is able to protect the customer at that time. For this purpose there is an auto-blocking function, which prevents further damage if the card is lost or fraudulent.

In addition to the app, the card can be blocked by calling Nubank Customer Service: 0800 591 2117.