December 9, 2023
Australian school bans mobile phones from students, notes drastic changes

Australian school bans mobile phones from students, notes drastic changes

What happens if the school simply forbids students to carry cell phones? This is what Davidson High School (Sydney, Australia) paid to see. As a result, the team noted a significant decrease in behavioral problems and an increase in physical activity and socialization among the students.

According to the school administration, the ban on cell phones allowed staff to focus on student education. Within eight weeks, there was a 90% reduction in behavioral problems related to excessive device use.

Management judged the emotional and social damage that cell phone use had brought to students’ learning and focus in the classroom to be felt. In addition, the activity also directly contributed to the conflict between the students.

“At a time when mental health was a major concern among our youth, our school community saw the telephone as an important and negative contributor to student well-being.”

Restricting cell phone use positively affected student behavior (Photo: Julia M. Cameron/Pixels)

A 2021 survey of parents of students at Davidson High School found that 89% support a policy of not allowing students to use cell phones inside the school. Teachers also supported the restrictions.

The positive impact on students can be seen not only inside the classroom, but also in the corridors, where students interact more with each other. At first, the principals say, the decision caused controversy among the students, but over time they got used to it. It is also worth noting that the ban on mobile phones has reduced cyberbullying (bullying carried out through digital technologies).

source: temper nature Across Scientific American

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