October 1, 2022
Photo editing within WhatsApp is gaining new tools

Avatar development should come to WhatsApp soon

Snapchat has a similar feature, with which it is possible to create avatars inspired by personal cartoons. In this case, everyone can add the photo to the profile picture and use it as a call filter. So there is a possibility that the icon design is similar to the one developed by the company.

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In terms of offering more experiences in terms of feedback, the goal is to increase the expressiveness of the messaging app.

By providing new stickers, emojis, and even a sticker lab in browsers, the WhatsApp team has worked to expand its features. However, the improvements seem unstoppable, with the goal of displacing any competitor. Upon validation, the update will be performed on iOS, Android, and Web release systems.

The return of the avatar trend is related to the aesthetics of the metaverse

The group that combines Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, full of future ambitions, seeks to encourage users to adapt to the metaverse. In this case, the virtual environments in which people are represented by avatars begin to gain some familiarity. In addition, graphic shapes make the media more enjoyable, and attract diverse audiences.

After all, many would like to have a figurine with their face or express their personality. Some apps like Bitmoji, for example, allow you to create characters based on a specific appearance. Noting that there are many supporters of this movement, the tech giant has wasted no time in updating the brand’s networks. Tests are being completed and there are no expectations for the feature to be officially released.