July 4, 2022

Average deaths below 300 for the sixth day, press association shows

On Saturday, Brazil recorded 305 deaths due to Covid-19, bringing the total number of lives lost due to the new Corona virus to 609,417 since the beginning of the epidemic. The moving average was 236 deaths, a decrease of -30% compared to the calculation two weeks ago, indicating a downward trend. It’s the sixth day of the index under 300.

infographic: Watch how the Covid-19 epidemic is in your state

Data are from a consortium of O GLOBO, Extra, G1, Folha de S.Paulo, UOL and O Estado de S.

Vaccine scale: Find out how the vaccination campaign is progressing in Brazil and other countries

10,648 new cases of Covid-19 were also recorded across the national territory, with a total of 21,871,930 people already infected with the virus. The moving average was 10,033 a positive diagnosis, down 17% from the index two weeks ago, which indicates a downtrend.

The “seven-day moving average” is the average of the number of the previous day and six. They are compared with a two-week average to indicate whether there has been an upward, consistent, or downward trend in cases or deaths. The computation is a statistical resource to be able to see the trend of the data, and to mute the ‘noise’ caused by the weekends, when the notification of deaths due to a lack of shift staff is reduced.


21 federal units in Brazil updated their data on vaccination against Covid-19 on Saturday (due to a technical problem with the consortium, it was not possible to update the data of PiauĂ­)

. Across the country, 1,556,694 people were partially immunized with the first dose of one of the vaccines, equivalent to 72.97% of the Brazilian population. 1,192,21554 people have already been fully immunized (with two doses or with a single dose vaccine), i.e. 55.89% of the country’s population. In all, 9,817,065 received booster doses.

In the past 24 hours, 941,663 vaccines were applied in Brazil, with 254,996 from the first dose, 395,336 from the second dose, 2,161 single doses and 289,170 booster doses. PODCASTS File Module for Topics