February 1, 2023

Away from Globo, Gloria Maria is hospitalized for cancer TV News

Gloria Maria He was hospitalized on Wednesday (4) for continuation For the treatment of lung cancer. The procedure has already been planned, and the journalist has to leave the hospital on Friday (6). The journalist has been away from work since December to take more care of her health. She currently hosts Globo Reporter alongside Sandra Annenberg –He did not appear on Allure for five months.

The information was first published by columnist Lucas Pasin, from UOL, and confirmed by Globo to the news. The presenter was already accompanied by a medical team at her home, and her health condition was considered stable.

Because of the treatment, Gloria is not on Sandra’s side in the retrospective presentation. The audience leader expects the journalist to return to work throughout 2023.

The professional already faced complications stemming from Covid sequels in early 2022, when she needed to be admitted to place a drain in her lung. At the end of 2019, Gloria underwent surgery to remove a malignant tumor in her brain and was treated until the end of 2021 with immunotherapy to prevent it from returning.

How old is Gloria Maria?

With each birthday, the secret of Gloria Maria’s true age increases.. The Globo journalist has never confirmed this information and has already denied on various occasions leaks indicating her age. The theme is a recurring one in her interviews, which always stray from the topic.

A photo published in 2014, to renew the Globo Repórter presenter’s health plan, showed a possible date of birth: August 15, 1949. That is, Gloria will turn 73 today.

She denied, as usual, the information originally published on Instagram by journalist Alvaro Lemi. “Disclosing my age is not part of my interests,” he said at the time.

the journalist herself He even threatened his colleague Francisco José, one of the reporters who made history at Globo Reporter. The veteran tried to tell us the journalist’s age in a conversation posted on social media in 2019. “If he dies, [a culpada é] Gloria Maria,” I joked backstage at the station.

Gloria Maria’s date of birth, released in 2014 (reprise / Instagram)

The presenter knows that at her age the riddle has become folklore. Gloria Maria does not want to reveal her age even in her obituary.

“This will accompany me to death. I will not mention my age even when I die, not even in the Jornal Nacional. I have a rule: when they do my obituary in JN, the only thing that cannot be is my age. I have done everything that the world is obligated to do to me. If they put my age After I die, I’m going to stretch everyone’s leg,” she said in an interview with columnist Patricia Cujot