September 24, 2023
'Awesome' · TV news

‘Awesome’ · TV news

direction island record The scenes are used Byung Lee NS Antonella Avellaneda they are under the quilt As a marketing method to attract the attention of the public. After the truth was revealed, netizens revolted: “[Rodrigo] Karelle, you are terrible,” a microblog user replied, referring to the attraction manager.

In the photos featured in the Monday edition (16), the Argentine model is shown lying in a hypnotist’s bed and trying to approach him, but is rejected by Sami Lee’s ex-husband.

On the other hand, Byung supposedly noticed the attacks of the game’s ally. “The topic came up, but I see it more with the eyes of the effect of confinement, a lot of time to live together and so on,” he said in an interview with the reality show production.

Antonella even asked to touch the ex-BBB, but he evaded. “It’s inevitable that I’m single, okay, but no,” replied his fellow prisoner. “Don’t you want that?” asked the blonde. “It’s about alliance, commitment, respect and trust,” he said.

On Twitter, netizens interacted with the viewer. “The general, including me, judging Byung and the guy didn’t do anything. Carly, you’re horrible,” spokeswoman Beatriz wrote. Another internet user identified as Bruna complained: “Carelli did a marketing job with supposed infidelity, and it turns out they didn’t catch it.”

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