February 1, 2023
Babi, Dolan, Pele and Petala in the fake garden.  Poll TV news

Babi, Dolan, Pele and Petala in the fake garden. Poll TV news

Barbara Borges, Diolane Bezerra, Pele Melfellows and Petala Barreiros in a fake garden for farm 14🇧🇷 The rocheros are set for Tuesday night (29). Who do you want to send to the farm and back to program headquarters by surprise? Vote in the poll the news in this text.

despite of The hot seat is not realAdriane Galisteu followed the swed formation ritual as usual. Participants will only know of a false elimination on Saturday (3), when the person chosen by the public returns to the game.

The Trial of Fire Winner, Iran Malfitano He was summoned by the Annunciator to reveal the Lantern’s powers. He had the task of choosing between the yellow and red scrolls, and he chose the second option. Next, hand the other to Andre Marinho.

Next, Pia Miranda made her nomination as Farmer of the Week and chose Pele. “He already knows some of the reasons. One point is that he keeps asking to go to the fields. I think a person can’t keep asking to go to the fields. Chief.

The rapper responded: “I actually anticipated it. I talked to my mates. It was a question of asking to go to the fields because we were in a discussion. It’s a bit of action and reaction.”

voting seat

Iran and Petala were targeted by the headquarters vote. The actor added three votes, while the influencer got four. Afterwards, Galisteo asked Andre to reveal what was in the Yellow Codex.

The musician who once again voted for Petala declared: “The holder of this power must vote again.” Ally Deolane then ended the night with five votes.

As usual, Petala had to pull up the booth and choose Papi. Deolane was left in the dynamics of the rest and was also sent into the danger zone. The lawyer chose to veto Pele from Farmer’s Proof, but everything changed when Iran revealed what was in the Red Scroll.

“The owner of this power must change the pawn that was broken,” read the Actor, who changed the singer for Petala.

Who voted for whom?

See below for who voted for who in the Roca formation:

  • Andre Marinho voted for Petala Barreros
  • Barbara Burgess voted for Petala Barreros
  • Dulan Barreiros voiced Iran Malfitano
  • Iran Malfitano voted for Petala Barreros
  • Strawberry Shortcake voted for Iran Malfitano
  • Petala Barreros voted for Iran Malfitano
  • Pele Melfellows voted for Petala Barreros


Who should be the fake being removed from A Fazenda?

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