December 6, 2023

Bachelorette, Duda Reese reveals which celebs she’d like to be with

Doda Race
Duda Reese (Image: clone/Instagram)

Doda Race Share this week’s photo Catch, think or move, no channel Matthews Mazavera, on YouTube. On this occasion, the actress who was engaged to Nego de Borel, She revealed which celebrity she will be with. It is worth noting that the 20-year-old has been celibate since the end of her relationship with the entrepreneur. Bruno Rodge, at the end of August.

Among the celebrities that Duda Reiss has shown an interest in capturing include: Joao Vicente de Castro, Pedro Sampaio, Rodolfo, Chaman, Leo Cidad, Arthur Piccoli, Caio Castro, Enzo Cellulari, Luan Santana and Felipe Tito. “I get a lot. God willing someday, fired when you talked about Tito.

on the video, The famous also commented on Joao GillhermeThe son of the singer Leonardo. According to her, she has a special affection for the boy and they have stayed several times. “I’ve never named anything. We’ve stayed a few times and are fine. I really like Joao”Dudley said.

Asked by the interviewer about What celebrity is joking at the moment?The actress preferred not to name the names, but gave the initials to some of them. “There are a lot of people I date. Two with the letter ‘A’ (…) My style of play: all-out attack. It was soft, it’s vapo.”hung,iz don’t follow the guys you’re flirting with.

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Loss of virginity

While interacting with followers on InstagramAnd Duda Reese revealed some details of her first time. She also commented on some of her sexual preferences.

A fan asked him about it How do you tell a mom that you lost your virginityThe actress cited her experience as an example:

“Then! Every mother has a way. But I can tell you what it was like with me! I called my mom the day before this happened and told her I thought it would happen that night. She gave me a lot of advice and was a great friend! It was always good to tell my mom these things! , to this day I have no shame about everything. Not everyone is privileged to have a mother like this, I know I was lucky! But we need to normalize this kind of situation. It’s not a beast and nothing unusual to lose your virginity”Dudley opened.

in sequence, A netizen wondered if the actress would prefer some sexual fantasy. “I wanted to like it, but I’m too lazy to dress up and support a character”She replied, noting that too He already had menstrual sex. “Guys, it’s already obvious! Nonsense! Menstruation is not a beast, no. It is a part of a woman, it is a very divine thing”Dudley said.

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