Baker Mayfield on losing to the bosses: ‘It’s fun to be totally honest with you’

Kansas City, Missouri – Baker Mayfield admits how difficult Brown’s glorious season came to an abrupt end, losing 22-17 to Chiefs in the AFC Champions League elimination match on Sunday.

“It’s upsetting to be honest with you guys,” said Mayfield. “It’s obnoxious because so many people have sacrificed a lot during this process and this very strange season and they have overcome adversity. So many people – families of players and families of employees – have come forward so much – everyone has sacrificed so much in order to be able to do so. It’s a pity for us that We fail.

“It’s bad because we believed in it. That’s why we’re here, but trying to find the positive out of it, we’re setting a new standard here. Everyone says in the locker room and keeps telling guys we’re going back. It’s annoying when you fail, but you get a taste of it and realize you’ve learned.” Lessons. For now, they are sure to hurt. ”

He wished his best friend Patrick Mahomes all the best after the Chiefs midfielder was knocked out of the match in the third quarter with a concussion. But Mayfield lamented Brown’s missed chance to reach the Asian Championship for the first time since the 1989 season – 31 years ago.

“I hope he’s well,” said Mayfield. “You never want to see that. (QB Chairman Chad) Henny and that came [13-yard] They ran for fourth place and inches and then fourth conversion down, they did plays. Sucks. Looking everyone on our side at the ball, we gave it all we had. We just reached short. “

He lamented the fact that the Presidents went to that fourth point and inch instead of kicking and giving the Browns the ball again just over a minute before left and Brown won by five. Brown was so enthusiastic in the second half that they were satisfied with their chances of pulling out.

“We did, and I think that’s what hurts me the most,” said Mayfield. “They did it because I think they could feel it too. It is what it is.”

Mayfield (23 out of 37, 204 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT, rating of 74.6) also did well with Kevin Stefanski in fourth and 9th on Browns’ final drive of 32.

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Chiefs retook the ball with a time of 4:09 from the left and victory prevailed when Chad Henny ran 13 yards in third and 14 with 1:14 left and then turned the fourth ball and an inch with a daring 5-yard pass to Trek Hill of Venice.

Obviously, when you get the ball and momentum start to swing our way, we were sure we’d get there. [and score],” He said. “They decided to put some pressure and put on plays, but we didn’t. No, by the way the match was going, we used to believe (in) the way we handled this situation, giving them the ball and confidence in our defense the way they were playing at the time to stop. As I said. There was a wonderful pair of plays for Lahn to convert there. “

Mayfield admitted that Brown shot themselves in the foot early and struggled to get out of the hole. They settled on a 46-yard field goal by Cody Barkey in the opening round after Jarvis Landry landed, losing 3 yards on a short pass to Landry and Kess putting them in third and 21st.

At their second drive, they had a hanging call, two drops of Nick Chubb and a punch that Mayfield caught it with a loss of 8 yards.

“We’re a little late – a few penalties here and there, a few drops, some missed assignments,” Mayfield said. “We were not ourselves in that first half and we were a little behind.”

The half ended with Richard Higgins fumbling through the finish area to disorientation after a perfect shot from Mayfield.

“They put cover 2 on us,” said Mayfield. It’s obviously going to be a big play. It’s the easy answer to point the finger, but there are many other plays that we could have done. Obviously, I committed the fundamental sin and was thrown across my body in the middle of the field at the first engine that came out in the second half. We hurt ourselves. In the first half, they benefited. This is what good teams do, so they were better than us. “

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His message to Higgins after that fumbling?

“The ball always finds a way to get back to you after things like this happen, and we depend on it,” he said. “There are a lot of matches left – obviously, half full looking at where we are in the game. We knew we were going to take the ball out in the second half, and we had everything we wanted. Like I said, we hurt ourselves and took advantage of that. They played very well and gave plays when They needed it. “

He couldn’t speak to Daniel Sorenson who hit the helmet on Higgins in that play.

“I didn’t look at it, so not really,” he said.

Mayfield also kicked himself to intercept during his opening lead of the second half. He quickly dumped Landry, but Tyrann Mathieu jumped off the road and picked him to start The Chiefs at the Browns ’19. Mayfield had only thrown one interception in their previous 10 matches.

“ Obviously, as I said, the basic sin of throwing late while navigating over halfway [field],” He said. “Terran (Matteo) is clearly a great player. Jarvis didn’t see him or I’m sure he would have fought for it. That’s the type of player. I said it earlier in the week, you have to know where he is. I’ll look back at that. Maybe the pump is fake and running, which is a different story, but the defense did a great job of not allowing any points and keeping us in that game for that second half. We just have to take advantage. As I said, we didn’t do enough plays to win today, and Cheves did.

Matthew dropped another relative in the fourth quarter when the ball veered off Landry’s hands. Overall, it was a tough day for Landry, who shot 7 of 10 targets at 20 yards. The Chiefs Chubb also set a 69-yard lunge on 13 loaders and a Cream Hunt to 32 yards and landings on six carts.

In Browns’ first game, Jedric Wells Jr. lost the left-hand intervention due to an ankle injury, then his substitute Kendall Lamm lost to a member of his team.

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Browns still managed to pull in within five with 11:07 remaining in-game at 18 yards ended with Hunt’s 3-yard TD track.

“Obviously, every year there is a turnover inside the locker room, which is a pity because we have a very special group here,” Mayfield said. “As I said, I have told some players who know for sure that they will be back. As I said and re-affirmed throughout the season, there is a new standard here and that is to be expected.

“This will leave a bad taste in the mouths of our guys for more stimulation during the season, but yeah, we’ve come a long way since I first got here. We’re not done yet, and that’s the best part. Obviously, it’s painful to have to wait until September.” Next to play, but that’s what it is. “

Mayfield knows that the young team, which went 11-5 and played in the playoffs for the first time in 18 years, will learn from such a painful loss.

“I think it would be very valuable for our players to look at things related to each game. You have to be very closed and business minded, and the atmosphere was clearly unbelievable today. These are valuable learning experiences that we have to really benefit from and grow from.”

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