September 30, 2023
Banco do Brasil allows customers to take photos on WhatsApp channel

Banco do Brasil allows customers to take photos on WhatsApp channel

Have you ever thought, through a chat via WhatsApp, to conduct a bank transaction with different banks? For customers who have accounts with Banco do Brasil (BB), this will be possible. Customers of this bank can now transfer money via pix to other financial institutions via the largest messaging app, WhatsApp. To find out more about this New pix from Banco do Brasil And Whatsapp, check out the full text!

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Integrated innovation: BB and Whatsapp

At its world premiere in August, Banco do Brasil allowed its clients to begin the full approval process for data sharing in the context of Open Finance through the messaging app, WhatsApp.

In addition, it was the first major bank across Brazil to act as initiator of payment transactions and allow customers to transfer money from other banks using pix without leaving the app.

But what is open funding and how does it work?

Open finance, as its name suggests, is an open financial system, it is a concept developed to organize the sharing of customer information between financial institutions. This is done securely through the use of application programming interfaces (APIs) in the internal networks of the respective organizations.

BB’s leading novelty

The innovation of BB is only possible thanks to the payment initiator, a third-stage tool from Open Finance that allows transactions to be carried out without the user having to log into the bank application where the funds will be disbursed.

This applies to shopping in online stores or even sending money from one bank to another, for example. But, for now, the central bank only allows pixel transactions.

How does this feature work?

The customer can request a “money transfer from another bank” on Banco do Brasil WhatsApp number 61 4004-0001. With this, the virtual assistant of the financial institution will send the user a list of other banks to choose from.

Then you will have to enter and confirm the required transfer amount. The application of the other bank will be opened through Open Finance, which guarantees the security of data between several banks, and the user will be able to confirm the transaction.