July 22, 2024

Banco do Brasil opened the auction with real estate starting from 9.9 thousand Brazilian riyals

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Banco do Brasil opened the auction with real estate starting from 9.9 thousand Brazilian riyals
Banco do Brasil opened the auction with real estate starting from 9.9 thousand Brazilian riyals

The Banco do Brasil real estate auction features more than two thousand units, offering discounts of up to 84%. paying off!

Photo: SERGIO VS RANGEL / Shutterstock.com

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Good news for anyone looking for an opportunity to buy a property at a lower price. a Bank of Brazil He auctioned off over 2,000 properties, with discounts up to 84%.

Among the real estate, houses, apartments and even plots of land, the value of which ranges between R$9.9 thousand and R$21.4 million. The available properties are part of the direct selling method and are located in different regions of the state.

According to BB CEO Rodolfo Barros, the ease of 100% digital sales is one of the main differences in the auction. Barros notes that a key aspect of the bank is its performance in the digital environment, providing customers with “the best real estate buying experiences.”

How to participate in the real estate auction in Banco do Brasil

To verify the properties provided by BB, interested parties should reach out to Seu Imóvel BB . portal. On the site you can search for the specifications of the desired property. The page focuses on offers of apartments, houses, farms and land from the bank available for direct sale or auction.

It should be noted that most of the units offered by the establishment are occupied and the buyer is responsible for transporting the person residing in the property. Therefore, it is very important for customers to read all the information before purchasing.

Tips to not fall for the auction scam

It is common for companies to conduct auctions of vehicles, items, and property. However, criminals take advantage of people who seek to get a good deal through this method of acquisition. Many victims are unaware of the potential dangers and end up in the “claws” of criminals.

Some tips can help a consumer make sure that a particular auction is truly trustworthy and stay away from the auto auction scam. So, see below what to do.

  • Always check if the seller responsible for the auction is mentioned and if it is registered with the Board of Trade, where the address, registration number and other data can be checked;
  • Request ratings, complaints and reports from people who have already participated in auctions held by a particular company;
  • Be wary of auction sites that don’t have the “.br” extension.

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Photo: SERGIO VS RANGEL / Shutterstock.com