September 30, 2023
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Banco do Brasil will return the money to an elderly woman who fell into a coup

Banco do Brasil has been sentenced and will have to return about 60,000 Brazilian reais to an elderly woman in the city of Santos, who was the victim of a phone scam.

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a Bank of Brazil He was convicted and will have to return about 60,000 Rls to an elderly woman in the city of Santos (SP), who was the victim of a social engineering scam over the phone. According to the decision of the civil court of the city located on the coast of São Paulo, there was a failure on the part of the institutions in their security measures to allow many transfers and operations to be carried out by fraudsters. This also resulted in a compensation of R$10,000.

the case

In short, in 2021, a 78-year-old retired teacher received a call on behalf of Banco do Brasil. The fraudster claimed to have seen an attempt to gain access to the elderly woman’s account and assisted her with the alleged security measures and confirmation of personal data.

In addition, the victim was urged to go to an agency, where an alleged employee of Banco do Brasil personally attended to conduct further operations for the alleged protection.

However, shock soon followed. the card credit From the retired teacher she didn’t go to a pharmacy, and when I got into her account through the app, I noticed several payments from coupons, transfers via Pix, and even contracting loans in your name.


The total loss by the retiree was R$60,000. But with the decision, in addition to repayment, it was also decided that the bank could not demand the elderly woman to repay debts or purchases made by criminals during the coup.

For Fabricio Bosocco, the account holder’s attorney, Banco do Brasil knew the victim’s consumption and transaction profile, as he had been an account holder for a long time. The idea was accepted by Judge Frederico dos Santos Messias, of the Fourth Civil Court of Santos (SP), who stated in the decision that Banco do Brasil should have identified suspicious transactions on behalf of the elderly woman, but did nothing to prevent the scams.

However, the case is still subject to appeal and Banco do Brasil may appeal to the Court of Justice of São Paulo (TJ-SP). In a statement sent to Canaltech, the financial institution informed that it would only comment on the matter in the case file. He explained that he is awaiting the ruling on his appeal to a higher court.

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