December 8, 2022
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Banco Inter reduces customer access to VIP lounges and generates a revolution

a Interbank It is included in the list of the most used digital banks in the country. Fintech offers many useful services, such as Inter black card, for example. This tool provides users with many benefits, one of which is to access files VIP lounges from different airports.

However, in the last month Interbank He announced to customers that some changes will be made to the Inter Black Card services, one of which is the need to send a boarding pass to access VIP lounges free of charge.

In addition, the bank reduced access to VIP lounges for black card customers through the Duo Gourmet program from September. Therefore, this group of customers will enjoy 6 times per year of entry to the rooms.

Changes in access to VIP lounges

As mentioned earlier, Banco Inter notified its customers in September that it was making improvements to the process of accessing VIP lounges at airports. still financial technology Note that for convenience, customers must send a clear photo of their boarding pass, within 24 hours, containing all travel information, so that they can get into the room.

Nubank offers up to 1500 BRL in the app

the attention of the Brazilians. Currently, customers nubank You can earn up to 1500 BRL in Cashback Per month. At the outset, it is important to emphasize that the possibility comes through the fintech partnership with shopper.

In short, with every purchase that a customer makes on the platform with a credit card (purple), a refund will be possible. Next, check the rules and how you can get your money back in the app.

Nubank launches up to 1,500 BRL on the app: What are the cashback rules?

First, it is important to emphasize that the customer must activate cashback in shopping nubank. The amount that will be returned to the customer, i.e. the percentage that will be applied, will depend on the total purchase, excluding shipping. In a BRL 100 transaction, for example, the cashback amount (return paid) would be equivalent to 5%.

After making a purchase, the user will need to wait at least 1 hour to make a new transaction and receive the cashback. After the transaction is completed, the amount will be paid to the customer’s account within 90 days. The credit can be used in any way desired by the customer.

How is the cashback application activated?

In principle, for users who already have the money available in the application, find out how to activate it below:

  1. First, access the Nubank app;
  2. Click “Shopping” on the main screen;
  3. Once done, select View Shopee;
  4. Also read the information that will appear on the screen and click “Activate cashback and go to the store”;
  5. After that, the cashback will already be activated;
  6. Finally, just go to the Shopee website or app to see all the promotions that give you access to cashback.

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