December 9, 2023
Banco Inter releases savings money into a credit card limit

Banco Inter releases savings money into a credit card limit

In addition to returning a daily return of 100% of CDI, the Banco Inter Also lowered the minimum contribution. Thus, previously for a customer to start investing in the Digital Bank, it was necessary to invest at least R$100.00, now this minimum investment is R$1.00.

In addition, another novelty that has attracted attention is Banco Inter’s Poupança Mais Limite, in which the customer invests money and receives a limit of credit to your Inter MasterCard.

excess savings

So, to invest in Banco Inter’s Poupança Mais Limite and get a limit on your Inter Mastercard, just follow these steps:

  • Save from R$100.00;
  • Choose the amount you want your Inter Mastercard credit limit to be;
  • Ready, the user can use the limit until he decides to redeem the available amount.
  • In addition, the amount saved is the return while it is possible to use only the amount chosen as a credit.

Therefore, if the customer invests BRL 800.00 in Banco Inter savings and decides that he wants to use a maximum of BRL 500.00 for the credit card, this amount will be blocked in the savings account until the user withdraws the amount from the credit function.

In short, the new functionality works as if it were a prepaid card with the profitability of savings.

CDB Plus Limit

Another option offered by Banco Inter is CDB Mais Limite Credito. In short, with this service it is possible to increase the maximum with investments that generate 80% of the CDI.

Therefore, when the customer invests any amount through the program, the amount is immediately transferred to the Inter credit card. This way, if the customer invests R$300.00, for example, the same amount will be available for purchases on the card. However, the invested amount can be withdrawn at any time, as long as the maximum has not been used up.