November 28, 2023
Banco Inter sends exclusive invitations to its global account

Banco Inter sends exclusive invitations to its global account

Banco Inter sends invitations via email to customers who wish to use the Global Account. Learn how to create and activate your account.

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a Interbank Sends email invitations to customers to view your global account. This novelty is for users who own Inter shares, to simplify purchases in US currency. In the app, you convert riyals into dollars with the amount you need.

You will be able to count on all the features of the Inter Bank Super App to help you with your global life, such as airline tickets, travel and accommodation insurance, Cashback Exclusive offers for account holders Inter

How does the Banco Inter global account work?

The global account It is a solution that provides financial freedom to those who usually shop abroad. Who is the customer? Inter You can benefit from an international account with a debit card. What’s more, with the account, you will be able to access all the services you need for a global financial experience.

Check out the benefits of having a global account below:

  • 100% digital account
  • does not spread abusive;
  • commercial exchange rate
  • travel with practicality;
  • flexibility in international transactions;
  • Zero opening and maintenance fees;
  • sending and receiving dollar amounts;
  • Less dependence on material money.

How to open a global Inter account?

First, you have to use the Inter Super app to open your account, and Inter you sent to carry out transactions. The process is secure and 100% digital. See step by step:

  • In the Inter’s Super app, you can access global account;
  • If you already have an account, enter your the account;
  • Download the Usend app to complete the registration by filling in your details;
  • After confirmation, you will enjoy all the benefits of your international account.

How can I activate my global account?

If you want to activate your bank account, the process is quick and easy. Check out how to do it.

  • Access SuperApp and click on the US icon;
  • Change the Brazilian flag to the American flag by clicking on the switch;
  • access to a banner to activate your account;
  • Confirm all details and agree to the terms;
  • Please allow up to 48 hours to receive a response and use your account.

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Photo: Disclosure / Banco Inter