January 29, 2023
Banco Original creates a 100% digital joint account;  See how to order

Banco Original creates a 100% digital joint account; See how to order

Banco Original has launched a joint account for account holders. Customers will now be able to add a second owner to the joint account, thus allowing access to everyone Services. The partner will be able to perform actions such as making payments, ordering new cards, making withdrawals and some other financial activities.

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the news is Available Since the last 15 on Monday. The joint account is 100% digital and uncomplicated. The order is made through the Banco Original app.

A common account

According to Banco Original, you do not need to be close to the other person to apply for the account in question, but you must be over 18 years old.

The idea of ​​creating the service at Banco Original was to respond to a demand from customers seeking joint control of their budget. This is already common in traditional banks, but is seen as a file differential by the digital ones.

Therefore, to request the joint account, simply access the Banco Original app and request the desired listing. After that, it is necessary to click on “Joint Account” and add the CPF of the second holder, so that the invited person will receive an email invitation and also a notification from the application.

When the invitation is accepted, the next step is validation because it is required for security reasons. Only then will access to the account be released with everyone Benefits That the first owner.

In principle, according to Banco Original, it will only be possible to get a second owner who is a customer of the bank. Despite this, plans are set to include non-account holders in the near future.

This way, after including the second possessor, the person will no longer need to consent account transfer. That is, you will not need to consult anyone to make payments or take advantage of the other options available.