February 1, 2023

Band commentator’s wife attacks husband’s lover in SP, says website

Tuesday morning (12/20) was busy with a certain commentator on the band. the reason? His wife framed one of her husband’s mistresses and ate the bad life at large!

According to the Aqui Tem Fofoca portal, at around 2:30 am today, the wife of this famous man finally managed to satisfy herself with the blonde he had been seeing since 2017. According to the note, the mistress lost a large part of her hair extension and had to be rescued by neighbors.

The confusion would have ended at around 4:15 in the morning, when the wife was removed from the place by security guards and escorted to her home, which is about 15 kilometers away from the home of her husband’s mistress.

So far, none of those involved have been identified, but the condominium that served as the site for this slum is surrounded by security cameras and all the confusion has been recorded. This means that the chances of this delicious mess turning up are high.

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