November 29, 2022
Bank accused of cutting security investment

Bank accused of cutting security investment

Bradesco converts many branches into business units, reducing security and monitoring costs

On October 19, a business unit of . was established Bradesco He was the target of a burglary in São Paulo. From here a discussion about security started, considering that the place does not have a revolving door or a guard.

The next day, the bank’s workers union visited the unit located in Parque Edo Chaves, to make sure it was closed and employees were laid off. In addition, the bank commissioned psychological assistance and the necessary care.

Bradesco is accused of cutting off investment in security

We spoke to the bank’s employees and participated in the meeting with Viva Beam. We will continue to monitor these workers and the entire psychiatric care process. We advise everyone about the importance of opening the work accidents contact [CAT]”And we’re making our health department available to workers,” said Bradesco union and bank manager Marcos Amaral.

In short, a cat is issued to identify an accident at work, commuting or occupational disease. The document is important because it records the illness acquired while working in the company. This includes psychological disorders resulting from trauma resulting from a violent act, such as assault.

In addition, CAT’s expertise assists INE in recognizing the benefits of work accidents (types 91). Thus, the worker’s stability must be guaranteed for 12 months, the payment of social security contributions and FGTS.

Insecurity in units

Bradesco is currently converting many branches into business units, which reduces security and monitoring costs. Within 12 months, the bank closed 242 branches and opened 92 new business units, according to data reported by Sindicato dos Bancários de São Paulo. By not having a revolving door and a guard, the model is unsafe.

Marcos Amaral criticizes the model.

The lack of security elements shows a disregard for the protection and lives of the bank’s employees and customers, which puts them at risk in such situations. This agency model only makes the work environment worse. So that such situations do not happen again, it is necessary that Bradesco review the coordination of this banking unit and invest in the safety of its employees and customers, which is the greatest asset of the bank.

Marcos Amaral, Director of Unions and Banks at Bradesco