October 1, 2022
Banned by Maria Bruaca, Tenório ruthlessly snatched Zuleica at Pantanal TV News

Banned by Maria Bruaca, Tenório ruthlessly snatched Zuleica at Pantanal TV News

In addition to taking Zelika’s dignity (Aline Borges), Tenorio Morello Benicio is still going to take her money and her roof wet land. The squatter will pretend to be a good guy to convince the nurse to sell her house in São Paulo. Thus, he will win a huge amount and get rid of the opportunity to leave his wife for him on the farm in the series Globo at nine in the morning.

Sarcastic, the bastard will start pretending to be a poor thing In the scenes that will be broadcast on Monday (29).. will complain about the operation Maria Broca (Isabel Teixeira) She will try to win the badminton from Sao Paulo. It will start “I froze all my money…”.

Marcelo’s mother (Lucas Leto) asks suspiciously, “You don’t have anything to apply for abroad?” He replies, “What do you think I am? A fraud?” The character of Aline Borges will then decide to help. To go unnoticed, grileiro will pretend to be ignorant. “You are, zuleka? Help me support a farm of this size? “It will start.

Between one grumble and another, the scoundrel will whisper the idea as if he doesn’t want anything. “And I was going to charge you more, Zolika? I was going to ask you that Sell ​​your cottage in Sao Paulo? ‘, it would sound crazy.

The healthcare professional will fall like a duck. Despite everything she was experiencing, she would be willing to sell the only property she owned – and would still sign a power of attorney for him to negotiate on her behalf. “If it’s for help…”, she agrees. “You’re not asking me for anything, Tenorio… I’m the one offering you help,” the nurse will keep trying to convince herself.

When the woman leaves him alone, Morello Benicio’s character will celebrate the transfer of the master. “You shot a rabbit, Tenorio, and you hit two at once,” the racket will stab you.

written by Benedetto Roy Barbosa, the television series Pantanal was broadcast in 1990 by Manchete (1983-1999) which now ceases to exist. Globo edition adapted by Bruno LuberiThe author’s grandson. Next, Globo will premiere Travessia, plotted by Gloria Perez.

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