November 29, 2022
Bar in Barcelona, ​​Spain, gets the title of best in the world in 2022 |  Travel and Tourism

Bar in Barcelona, ​​Spain, gets the title of best in the world in 2022 | Travel and Tourism

Melhores Bares do Mundo – a private organization that every year selects the 50 best bars on the planet – released this Tuesday (fourth) a list of the best-rated establishments in 2022. There are no Brazilian bars in the selection and the only South American representative among the top ten is Chemicalfrom Colombia, in tenth place.

a g 1 Shows the bars that took the top five places:

Volcano Negroni – one of the highlights of Paradiso. – Photo: clone

This year, the first place in the vote went to heaven. The bar is located in the Carrer de Rera Palau, in Barcelona, ​​and the bar varies from time to time in its menu of 15 drinks according to alternating themes – the current menu is the evolution of mankind.

Tornado also features on the house beverage menu. – Photo: clone

Building on this concept, the bar has revamped the menu and created drinks such as Volcano Negroni, made with a blend of rum, vermouth and almonds. Another plus is tornado – in the recipe, vodka, apple, pear tea.

Tayer + Elementary bets on the industrial look and are divided into two environments. – Photo: clone

a Tayer + Elementary, located at 152 Od St. in Londontook second place.

The facility is divided into two parts:

a fly It offers more exclusive drinks, with lesser known ingredients and made using advanced equipment.

One sip martini – the highlight of the fly + primary. – Photo: clone

Already primary It has an industrial look and is more akin to a regular bar, where you can stop in for a casual drink. The highlight is the home’s One Sip Martini.

Another Barcelona representative, Sips ranks third on the list. – Photo: clone

Barcelona returns to the list with sips, a bar located in C / de Muntaner. At the third-placed establishment on the list, bartenders and their creations feature prominently, both in preparing original brews and in reimagining classic brews, such as caipirinha.

The sommelier team is one of Sips’ highlights. – Photo: clone

One of the main attractions in the house is the Daiquiri Heliodora mixed with rum and lime.

A regular member of the list, Licaorería Limantour is located in Mexico City. – Photo: clone

The Limantor Lycuria It ranked fourth in the survey – the first tape to appear in the selection not found in Europe.

Margarita Al Pastor is the most traditional drink in the house. – Photo: clone

It is located in Av. Alvaro Obregón 106, Roma Neti, Cuauhtemoc, Mexico CityThe bar has appeared on the list of the best in the world since 2014. Although it is open to new additions to the menu, throughout that time the establishment has remained faithful to the drink menu: Margarita al Pastor is the most famous of its kind.

The facade of the Little Red Door in Paris. – Photo: clone

The name is written in English, but make no mistake: the bar that won fifth place in the list of the best 2022 is in the heart of Paris More specifically, at 60 Charlotte Street, 75003.

a little red door It has been a constant presence on the list of the best bars in the world for the past decade.

The bets are on the simplicity of the drinks. – Photo: clone

Betting on a simple approach, the bar has long been all about sustainability. In this way, the owners maintain a very close relationship with the producers – there are pictures of them on the walls. The idea is to establish a relationship between the customer and what he consumes.

The Alchemist occupies an old, three-story mansion in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. – Photo: clone

It is located in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia Chemical She is the only one in South America that occupies a position among the top ten – it is precisely in the tenth place.

Built in a three-story former mansion, the venue offers an experience on each floor:

  • in the first, a dance floor where customers can access an extensive list of cocktails;
  • In the second, classic drinks are served with Colombian touches;
  • On the third, outdoors, consumers have access to an exclusive drink menu.

Each floor of the bar offers a different menu of drinks. – Photo: clone

A portion of the ingredients used in the drinks are produced on a farm that is also owned by the bar owners.

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