March 31, 2023
Baranens won eight medals at the Transplant Games in the United States

Baranens won eight medals at the Transplant Games in the United States

Disclosure / Press Office

Beau Jose, a 51-year-old athlete from Curitiba, made history by winning seven gold medals and one silver medal at the Transplant Multisport Games held in San Diego, California (USA). He participated in triathlons and running events. Biu, who trained in gastronomy and as a professional musician for 10 years, received life-changing news at the age of 23: he was diagnosed with keratoconus — a disease that causes the cornea to protrude forward, creating swelling. Visual impairment may occur.

When Beau heard the diagnosis, the eye doctor warned him that he would never be able to drive again. “At the age of 23, it was scary not to be able to drive anymore. I went looking for other information about the disease, but, unfortunately, my condition had already progressed and there was no other option but a corneal transplant,” he says. The first transplant was performed shortly after the disease was diagnosed, and the second a year later. In 2021, the athlete had to repeat a corneal transplant due to dysfunctional cells. “Now it has been proven that a transplant lasts an average of 25 years, which means that in 25 years I will have to do the procedure again” .

At the age of 40, Pu started practicing running, cycling and swimming, and sports were no longer just a hobby to enhance the quality of life, but also set him forward with dreams for the future. Realizing that he could compete in championships, the athlete researched and discovered America’s Transplant Games — a sporting event aimed at celebrating the resilience of life after a transplant or donation of organs, corneas and tissues.

The athlete has the support of UPX Sports, the academy of the UP Experience Sports Complex, for training and preparation for the next championship he will compete in: the Brazilian Paralympic Games, which will be held in Curitiba from September 2 to 4. The public can watch and encourage people with disabilities in athletics, cycling, street running, swimming, tennis, table tennis and virtual triathlon. And in this edition, Rua Corrida will have the participation of effective organ and tissue donors. For Elisangela Souza, coordinator of UPX Sports, Bu Jose represents a lot for everyone in terms of tackling. “It’s been an exciting life story and after a lot of struggle to see it again, his commitment and desire to win the championship keeps us going,” praises the coordinator.