March 21, 2023
Barbara, Pia, Elaine and Kerlin in the fields.  Poll TV news

Barbara, Pia, Elaine and Kerlin in the fields. Poll TV news

Barbara Borges, Pia Miranda, Ellen Cardoso, Muranguinho, and Kerlin Cardoso are in the X Division of farm 14🇧🇷 The rocheros are set for Tuesday night (22). Who do you want to be on the reality show on Record? Vote in the poll the news in this text.

Experience by FirewinnerPétala Barreiros is summoned by Adriane Galisteu to reveal his Lantern powers. She had the task of choosing between green and black scrolls and she chose the first option. Then, I handed the other one to Pia Miranda.

Next, Diolane Bezerra submitted her nomination as Farmer of the Week and chose Barbara. “She’s a very mean person, drama queen, Deborah’s little puppy [Albuquerque]🇧🇷 He was a plant, but after he saw that Deborah had returned from the fields, he became her friend. Deborah left, and her sparkle fell to the floor. Now she is just crying. In a quarrel, she called me a criminal, “Shoot the big boss.

“It incites violence, it reverberates there. You antagonist made me go there in a hole, in my pain, to know you weren’t my antagonist, me. I never discredited you, but the moment I was menacingly, I began to wonder how the woman you work with Law has the audacity to say there will be none [a ameaça dela]replied the actress.

voting seat

Moranguinho and Iran Malfitano were targets in the head office vote. The dancer got five votes, while the actor got three. In doing so, a member of the so-called Group A conquered space on the second bench of the farm

Afterwards, Galisteo asked Pia to reveal what was in the Black Codex. “Fortify peon from the bay, change you, for the third wave of the farm,” reads Gretchen’s granddaughter, who was forced to choose between André Marinho and Kerline. As a strategy, it chooses pawn defense.

After that, the presenter told Strawberry to pull out the booth. Naldo’s wife Penny Kerlin moved up to the third seat. Last time around, Pia fared poorly and won last place at the 10th farm of the season.

Before the night was over, Gretchen’s granddaughter had to veto one of her opponents in Wednesday’s Farmers’ Test (23). Biwa targeted Kerlin, who was sent straight into the danger zone, with no chance of salvation.

Finally, Petal revealed the power of the green scroll. And the influencer, who preferred to take the money, declared that “the owner of this power will earn 10,000 Brazilian reals if he leaves his thirst without hot water for 48 hours.”

Who voted for whom?

See below for who voted for who in the Roca formation:

  • Andre Marinho voted for Strawberry
  • Kerlin Cardoso voted for strawberry
  • Pia Miranda voted for Iran Malfitano
  • Barbara Borges voted for Moranguinho
  • Iran Malfitano voted for Strawberry Shortcake
  • Strawberry Shortcake voted for Iran Malfitano
  • Petala Barreros voted for Iran Malfitano
  • Pele Millfellows voted for Strawberry Shortcake


Who would you like to stay at A Fazenda 14 on 10 Roca?

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