March 31, 2023
deolane e bárbara brigando na fazenda 14

Barbara’s team issues a divorce warrant against Deolane

After, after Many battles between two Deolin And the barbaric And the official team of the artist, inside the headquarters of “A Fazenda 14”, decided to issue a statement rejecting the lines of the lawyer against Al-Biwa.

Dear ones, this is our official position on the recent events with Papi, our participant who is on #Afazenda14. We thank our fans, friends and followers for their support, together we are stronger! Thanks on behalf of #TeamBabiBorges,” read the caption to the post.

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See the full note:

And reject all forms of aggression, whether verbal or physical. We disown not only when our participant is the victim, but any participant.”

“No one may go through this state and the aggressor, after the threat, still suggests that the law will not be fulfilled and will go unpunished.”

“The crime of threatening is provided for in Article 147 of the Penal Code and consists of threatening a person, with words, gestures or other means, to make him unfair and dangerous, and as a punishment, the law determines from six months or a fine. Since the crime of bodily injury provided for in Art. 129 states that offense to the physical safety or health of another person: Punishment – ​​imprisonment, from three months to one year.”

“Therefore, this memorandum serves to renounce any and all forms of aggression against any participant, as we preach a fair game free of violence.”

Another night of tension on “A Fazenda 14,” this Sunday, November 20. During the dynamics of the feud, Deolan fell out with two members of Group B. First, with Kerlin, and then with Papi. Record TV audiences will get a view of the photos when the “joke” is broadcast. For now, just stay tuned to PlayPlus subscribers.

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While the former BBB was speaking, the current farmer chased after her, with many accusations about what Kerlin supposedly said. In the discussion, Deolin simulated a punch in the face of the influencer.

🇧🇷[Falou] That I did drugs and tell lies. Do it outside and it will be like this, in your face! said the lawyer, simulating a punch in the face of the former BBB.

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In response, the influencer bet on ridicule to counter what the competitor said. Standing atop the podium, Kerr said she felt “sorry” for Petala Barreros’ friend.

“I feel so sorry for you, Deolin,” I reinforced.

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The whole bullshit continues and Deolane revealed that her ex BBB contacted her on Instagram before they went on the reality show. The two even exchanged letters, but nothing significant, according to the lawyer.

liar! Contact me directly before entering here. I want papa! ”

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The day before Kerlin had not spared sarcasm when she spoke of Deolane: ‘The other one comes over to call me a pig, and she washes her hair once a week.

Then Kerlin Cardoso continued to talk about Deolane. Her: “Oh, just because I wash my hair once a week.” “Hell! I didn’t even know about it. You talked there live, I didn’t even know. P****, I don’t keep looking at you, what you do, what you stop doing, what you eat,” he said.

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