Barbie film

States-UnisLe manufacturer of the famous doll wants to diversify its activities and take over the big screen to straighten the slope.

Barbie fait son cinéma

Mattel hopes to mimic the success of Lego.

Mattel wants to get started in the film production by creating a specific unit. The group is toying with the hope to go up the slope at the time when it is facing an erosion of its sales.

This division will be run by Robbie Brenner, producer of the film “Dallas Buyers Club”, which earned the Oscar for the best actor at the American Matthew McConaughey, said Friday Mattel. The objective of this unit will be to “develop and produce films inspired by of the iconic brands and world-known company”.

In addition to Barbie, Mattel produced the miniature cars Hot Wheels, toys for children, Fisher-Price or even dolls American Girl. The group already produces cartoons but was, for the moment, stayed away from dark rooms.

He returned to Mrs. Brenner to respond to the criticisms of the financial markets, that people are surprised that Mattel hasn’t thought of turning the heroes of his toys, movie characters like the did with success the groups rivals Hasbro (“Transformers”) and Lego (The”Lego Movie”). At the head of Mattel since the end of April, Yvon Kreiz aims to find new sources of income by transforming the giant producer of “blockbusters” hollywood and operator licenses.

Difficult for Barbie in the face of the electronic

It is estimated that the company could boost its revenue with good revenue generated by the releases and royalties if Mattel monétisait its portfolio of iconic brands. The group is experiencing an erosion of sales since a few years, are suffering from the dominance of video games and electronic games.

Its market capitalisation has shrunk, to $ 5,27 billion, compared 12,82 billion to its fellow Hasbro then that the two companies have income levels which are almost the same. In addition to films, Mr. Kreiz also wants to make savings: at the end of July, Mattel announced the cancellation of 2200 jobs throughout the world and the sale of production sites in Mexico.

During the second quarter, Mattel has widened its losses. The group has essyué a disbursement of 240.9 million usd for a turnover of 840,7 million, down 13.7% year on year.


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