February 1, 2023

Barbieri tests and determines the squad against River Plate

Vasco held its second training session in Fort Lauderdale, USA, on Sunday. Two days before the friendly match against River Plate, next Tuesday, coach Mauricio Barbieri clarified the squad and conducted some tests at the Inter Miami Training Center.

A portion of the reinforcements based in Florida have been trained in the starting lineup at some point. Jair, who has come to the club in recent days and was introduced on Sunday, is still in the process of adjusting to the group. The defensive midfielder, coming off an honorary season at Atlético-MG, should have less difficulty in the process. Evan is also a beginner and is still looking for the best physical shape.

The goalkeeper, during his presentation on Sunday, said he would do his best to take the field in a friendly match.

In one part of the activity, Barbieri directed an offensive against defensive drills.

Luca Orellano appeared in the starting line-up along with Nene, Gabriel Beck and Pedro Raul. The main defense was Pometa Rodriguez, Leo, Anderson Conceicao, Lucas Bitton and Ze Gabriel. Figueiredo also appeared as a midfielder. There were exchanges during the activity.

Based on these experiences, Vasco’s starting lineup will be as follows:

Alexandre (Ivan) Pometa Rodriguez, Anderson Conceicao, Leo and Lucas Beaton; Gabriel, Figueiredo and Nini costume; Orellano, Gabriel Pec and Pedro Raul.

Alex Teixeira, who has agreed to renew for another season, has done separate work at a certain point in his activity. The attacking midfielder is still seeking fitness.

At the end of training, Nene, Figueiredo, Pumita and Biton trained for a mid-distance finish with Alexandre as goalkeeper. The 10 did well, keeping several balls in the tray. Those who watched the training were impressed by the power of Pometa Rodriguez’s right-back shot.

On the other side, Pedro Raul and Iginaldo trained close range shots against Ivan’s goal.

Vasco is still training in Fort Lauderdale on Monday before traveling to Orlando in the late afternoon. The match against River Plate will take place on Tuesday, at 9:30 pm (Brasilia time), at Exploria Stadium.