February 1, 2023
'Batman' is already the highest grossing US box office in 2022

‘Batman’ is already the highest grossing US box office in 2022

Photo: Advertising / Warner Bros. / Modern popcorn

In just 10 days, “Batman” became the biggest box office hit of the year in the United States and Canada.

In the last three days alone, it has grossed $ 66 million domestically, bringing together North American total revenue of $ 238.5 million since March 4.

2022 is more than the total value of “Spider-Man: No Return Home”. Sony and the Disney / Marvel co-production grossed $ 219.3 million, including ticket sales from January 1 alone.

However, the Marvel Hero movie is ahead of DC Comics Hero in full revenue, with you grossing $ 572.9 million in 2021. Overall, “Spider-Man: No Return Home” will appeal to the domestic box office. $ 792.2 million.

“Batman” is doing well internationally. The film, starring Robert Pattinson, is set to become the fifth film to surpass $ 500 million worldwide at the box office since the outbreak – after “Spider-Man: No Return Home” (US $ 1.8 billion). ), “No Time to Die” ($ 774 million), “Fast & Furious 9” ($ 726 million) and “Venom: A Time to Carnage” ($ 502 million).

This Sunday (13/3), it reached $ 463 million worldwide, five days before its arrival in China, competing with the United States for the status of the planet’s largest film market. The Chinese box office needs to raise its revenue to new records.

Outside of North America, “Batman”‘s highest-grossing areas are the United Kingdom ($ 35 million), Mexico ($ 20.2 million) and Australia ($ 16.7 million).