July 20, 2024

BBB 22: Arthur says Myra released him to be with other women

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BBB 22: Arthur says Myra released him to be with other women
BBB 22: Arthur says Myra released him to be with other women

According to his brother, the businesswoman was more upset by disloyalty than betrayal, which would have prompted a controversial separation in 2020.

Arthur Aguiar opened up a bit of his intimate relationship in a conversation with Nayara Azevedo in “BBB 22” (Globe). The actor and singer has commented on his relationship with his wife, Myra Cardi, with whom he reconciled after a tumultuous breakup that included multiple accusations of infidelity.

He told his fellow confidant that BBB and the ex-businesswoman had been hurt more by his failure to reveal her leaps of the fence than by the betrayal itself. This is because she would have said he could be with other women, as long as they spoke first.

He assessed that “the thing that hurt her was not betrayal, but rather the lack of loyalty.” “She was always telling me from the start, ‘If you’re ever attracted to another woman and you want to,’ [ficar], talk to me. We can bring it into the relationship and have experience. Or I could say, “Go there if you’re craving.”

The fact that betrayals occurred after they became parents of the girl Sophia, who is now 3 years old, also weighed heavily – Myra was already the mother of a boy, Lucas, who is 21 years old. “We decided to have a daughter, which she didn’t want at first, and that changes the whole woman’s life,” she recalls. “She made herself at her disposal and went on to live another life, not with her.”

Arthur said, “The point is not the betrayal per se, it’s the lack of loyalty, partnership, and emotional responsibility.” Like, ‘I decided to change my life, and I kept doing something else?’ “.

He continued, “What hurt her was not that I cheated, but that I was not loyal to her, and did not give her the opportunity to decide what she wanted.” “She did it without her knowledge, when she had already made this possibility open. That was the main point. Plus many other things…”

After seeing the marriage break up and then resume, Arthur said he’s at a different time in his life. “I consider myself a person in the process, but I’m very clear about where I am and where I want to go,” he said. “Although I am not proud, I do not feel like forgetting, because when we forget, we do it again.”

Myra Cardi has not commented publicly on the matter.

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