September 24, 2023
BBB 22: Lin da Quebrada suffers from transphobia in anonymous text: TV news 'Single?'

BBB 22: Lin da Quebrada suffers from transphobia in anonymous text: TV news ‘Single?’

Singer Lin da Quebrada was a victim of transphobia on Saturday afternoon (22) unidentified in BBB 22 (Globe). In an atmosphere of crueltyshe received a message on the odometer using the masculine pronoun: “Are you single? Someone asks …. kkkk”. The public is already vehemently rejecting it on social media.

The truth happened after the reality show’s thermometer was updated. Between hearts and reactions, the brothers began to see which torpedoes had been received. Suddenly, a message appeared to Lin and the participants began to speculate who had sent it.

The letter called Lynn in the masculine, ignoring her requests to use the term in the feminine as she liked and should call it. Lynn, who identifies as a transvestite, did not react to the message. This fact has already caused discussions among other participants inside the most guarded house in Brazil.

Quickly, the Linn Deserves Respect tag began appearing on social networks. The main request is that Tado Schmidt, presenter, and GPD Oliveira, Boninho, attraction director, report who committed the act on the reality show. In addition to holding you accountable, the audience wants a statement that alerts you to what is happening.

The anonymous script is not controlled by the production of BBB 22. In the sect, brothers can send any message they want without revealing their identity. The public is already calling on social media to change this protocol.

β€œWhat nonsense!? Boninho you have an obligation to show it in the version that posted this,” the BCharts forum account said. Transphobia is a crime. And he repeats the violation in the program. If there is no pronunciation, then the #BBB22 program is complicit. There should be an advertisement for the program, live. Lynn deserves respect. she is! Transvestite,” said SΓ£o Paulo counselor and transgender woman Erica Hilton (PSOL-SP).

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