February 5, 2023
BBB 22 Peace, Surprise and Game Speculation · TV News

BBB 22 Peace, Surprise and Game Speculation · TV News

With only seven participants in BBB 22The party from Wednesday night (13) until dawn Thursday (14) was characterized by a calm atmosphere in the house. Those trapped were surprised by a personal song filled with old photos and specials. But Giselan Alves and Eliezer Netto were concerned and speculated about this week’s leader’s challenge.

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TikTok sponsored a party at the time and brought in items related to Arthur Aguiar, Douglas Silva, Eliezer, Jessilane, Paulo André Camilo, and Pedro Scooby. For the hustle of the night, the production called up Luan Santana, Matheus Fernandes, Mari Fernandez, rappers Felipe Ret and L7nnon.

During his presentation, Luan Santana joked about the possibility of joining the cast of Big Brother Brasil 23. “I am dying to participate in the upcoming release,” sertanejo said. “It can’t be that way [do quarto] lollipop,” was shot by Gustavo Marcingo.

Paolo Andre and Arthur exchanged statements in one corner of the track. The athlete celebrated “we survived”. Myra Cardi’s husband replied, “It wasn’t easy.” The runner completed, “Wrath! We’re together. I love you.” Rebeldi’s ex replied “I love you too.”

Jessilane also spoke to Pedro Scooby about his Globo course: “We were at the end of the show. We lived everything we had to live for. I’m really happy. I dreamed of being here. I wanted to get to a final, but I didn’t think I would.”

Another moment of the night, the teacher commented with Eliezer on the leader’s test on Thursday. “Do you think it will be resistance?” asked the businessman. “I think it will be shaped [o paredão] Friday evening,” Sister Ellie replied with a fellow reservation.

“I think the resistance will be four to three [participantes]”Carioca opened.” I know, but do you think there will be only one? The Bahian woman analyzed the businessman insisted that there were only three in the programme. It might be another tomorrow night,” the biologist guessed.

At the end of the party, Arthur spoke to Gustavo and Douglas about his impressions of the game. The actor admitted that he did not expect to see Giseilan among the seven survivors of the reality show. “Of the three at first? No. Of the three, Lina and Nati and her two sons, I thought it was Lina and Nati and her at first,” the artist explained, referring to Lin da Quebrada and Natalia Diodato, who are both exits from the show.

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