July 2, 2022
BBB 22 Poll: Who Should Be the Hero of Reality Shows?  Vote and opinion

BBB 22 Poll: Who Should Be the Hero of Reality Shows? Vote and opinion

BBB 22

Vote in the BBB 22 poll for your favorite participant

Tadeu celebrated BBB 22
© Reproduction / official Instagram of Tadeu SchmidtTadeu celebrated BBB 22

After the liquidation of Luciano, Rodrygo, Nayara and Barbara, as well as the expulsion of Maria, 17 participants took part in the Big Brother Brazil They are still competing for the 1.5 million R$ prize. are they: Arthur AgyarBruna Gonçalves, Douglas Silva, EliezerSlovenia, Gustavo, Jade Bacongesilan, laisand Larissa, Linn da Quebrada, Lucas, Natália, Paulo André, Pedro Scooby, Tiago Abravanel, Vinny. vote for BBB 22 . Poll.

In a recent survey promoted by Splash, of UOL, Arthur Featured as a viewer’s favourite, with 33.84% of the vote. However, the difference with respect to Vinicius was minimal, with law degree showing 31.80% of the public’s preference.

Gustavo Marsengo and Larissa Tomásia, formerly Casa de Vidro, entered the world’s most popular reality show. Brazil The game has already moved. The two led a discussion in confinement, with the right to this phrase from Curitiba: “Go on, plant.”

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It is worth remembering that a file BBB22 It is broadcast daily on Globo screen with a presentation of Thaddeus Schmidt. The former Fantástico is the highlight of this version of the show – and many netizens chorus (in jest) of the interviewer to take home the Millionaire award.