February 6, 2023
BBB 22 Wall: UOL Poll indicates fewer votes for Lucas after Discord

BBB 22 Wall: UOL Poll indicates fewer votes for Lucas after Discord

Lucas had a fall in his rejection of the “BBB 22” wall, according to the updated partial result of the “Uol” poll, after the Discordia game that had an impact on the brothers in the early hours of the morning.

Lucas has 76.83% of the votes to cancel in the tenth Paradeo. Paulo Andre and Pedro Scobe seem to secure their place in the top ten, swinging in very close proportions.

The Palestinian Authority has 11.31% of voting intentions In the poll to get out. Previously Pedro Scooby 11.86%. out of 175,143 voters who want to eliminate it in Baredao.

*** Article updated at 8pm this Tuesday (29).

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The dynamics of Monday (28) was a much-anticipated moment for the brothers: the new podium. In addition to the final preparation, similar to the dynamics of the beginning of the show, the participants still have to give someone a “no win” sign.

Lucas was the most popular choice among the dynamics, showing four times the place of “No wins”. The student himself handed over the position to DG and completed the podium with Slovenia in second place and his great friend who spent the night advising Natalia in third.

Gustavo did not appear on any podium other than his position, taking first place, followed by Douglas Silva and Jesse respectively. “Only on my podium, the only podium that matters to me,” he commented at the end of the discord game.

To justify the choice of Giseilan on the podium, he made an analogy. He commented, “I saw a flower bloom, to give an example in biology. It was the biggest personal transformation I’ve seen here.”

Participants in “BBB 22” set up new podiums in the game of discord

Lucas was a “no winner” for Gustavo, Arthur Aguiar, Pedro Scobe and Eliezer. The businessman chose Slovenia in second place and Natalia in third place for the podium.

Arthur Aguiar chose Paulo Andre and Pedro Scobe, respectively, for the podium. The sprint was similar, with the actor taking second place and the surfer also third. The Palestinian Authority gave “no win” to Slovenia.

Scooby Douglas Silva placed third on the podium, followed by PA for second. Arthur Aguiar was on the podium of “No wins” from Lin da Quebrada, with whom the rivalry was increasing, and Natalia.

The singer made the podium with Giselan (second) and Natalia (third). The master did the same, despite the trio’s turbulent relationship, supplementing it with “No Beat” by Paulo Andre.

Natalia, in turn, left Lin da Quibrada from the new podium after a fight with her. Sister Lucas picked for second and Jesse for third.

Slovenia pitched the new podium with Lukas in second and Eliezer in third, and a “no win” sign for Paulo Andre, in response to the sprinter’s choice.

Finally, Douglas Silva also chose Miss Don’t Win and completed the podium with Scooby (second) and Paolo Andre (third).