June 4, 2023

BBB 23: Amanda makes a surprise announcement about her college days, and gets an alert about the production; He watches

On Wednesday night (19), Amanda Mirelles made a controversial reveal on “BBB23.” Hours before their Top 5 Reality party kicked off, the brothers chatted at Quarto Fundo do Mar about their college days. That’s when the sister admitted that she was paid by her university colleagues to do assignments and TCCs (Course Closing Work).

The topic was brought up when the doctor commented that she had received a lot of help over the years of study. “People have always helped me a lot. I didn’t buy any college books. I photographed people or used the library (…) The only thing I bought was a stethoscope”I remembered.

Then, Amanda started talking about selling the business, but at this point the production cropped the photos and started playing loud music over the conversation of the trapped. Minutes later, Amanda is seen admitting to “the works” at the university. “I sold the business, in fact,” announced.

Selling TCC is Troublesome Bruna Grebow pointed out. “Oh, sneaky cat! The black market.” (sic)Deep Web… Amandina used to sell things she couldn’t sell. They joked with the ax, which led to a long discussion with the sisters, who did not understand the joke.

The photos snapped again and only came back when the sisters started complimenting Amanda. “Damn it, selling TCC is ridiculous. Imagine someone doing your CBT for you”Bruna praised. “It’s a skull. Very clever,” Larissa pointed out.

She told Bruna Griffau about a similar deal at her school and even asked how much Amanda charged for the “service”, but the doctor pretended not to understand and avoided the question. “There weren’t pix…a thousand that you paid for?” , He wanted to know the blonde. “People have already brought articles and things they wanted to put in [no trabalho]. And I just collected and organized.”I explained. “Yeah, doing CBT is pretty boring.”Larisa said.

Then the production attracted the attention of the brothers, and they put an end to the conversation. Amanda, in turn, picked up the message in the air: “There, see. See? You must stop.”.