March 30, 2023

BBB 23: At the party, Gabriel pretended to be the victim of the problem he created – 01/28/2023

Live from Curicica, straight from Pay-Per-View BBB23. More than once, Gabriel referred to Tadeu Schmidt’s letter as a result of the aggressive behavior he initiated with Bruna as if it were the result of mere chance or death.

He says “what happened to me”. Just like an external event, which he has no control over. The crux of the problem is precisely this: it wasn’t something that happened to him, it was something that he made happen. Gabriel is the agent provoking the situation.

Until you take responsibility, you will continue to make mistakes. How did he go wrong at the party on Friday, when he was rude to Larisa, who wanted to ensure the organizational distance between him and Bruna GrippoIn order to protect her friend.

shoe face Show the flexibility of the high-performance athlete when trying to explain to the hesitant what the effects of his attitude are. Gabriel frowned, responding like a spoiled child he hasn’t been in years.

He wanted to berate his friend Larisa, he wanted the world to understand his pain, and he wanted to twist reality to fit his false narrative. Fatigue overcame the fighter – he left the place to sleep and stopped giving a leash to crooked talk.

At this point in the game, Gabriel seems incorrigible. He is not even interested in self-criticism, preferring to point the finger at others for comfort or support for his unwarranted rebelliousness.

He’s a pretty bad character, forcing the entire cast to lower the narrative bar in a season full of complications. This subplot needs to be overcome quickly.

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