June 5, 2023

BBB 23: Domitilla talks with his sister about early dreaming and the audience puts the production against the wall: “Information against the wall”


Web begins to wonder if everything the sister says about dreams is true

Play / Rede Globo

Today Sister Domitella did not dream of her dreams in BBB23. After revealing that Bruna will be the leader last week, this time the favorite to win the award left everyone impressed. It turns out that Domitella ended up dreaming about corn and flipped the fact that she gained a million followers here, which she really did in the last few hours.

“I think it’s because I hit a million followers. In the top 19 it’s not all that. It’s a lot, but it’s a better 19.”joked with Allen when recalling the former BBBs who could return to the program at any time.

Play / Rede Globo

With the spread of the video of her dreaming about corn on social networks where she talks about the number of her followers, the BBB audience did not take into account what she said with Aline, and very much questioned the dreams she had.

Some believe that Domitilla is supposed to be one step ahead of her allies and rivals, receiving potential information. “He’s gone from dreams, this is production that gives information in the face”fire a. “It’s absolutely crazy. If she doesn’t get input from the production — which I honestly don’t believe she has, she has very strong perceptive power.said another.