March 29, 2023

BBB 23: Key Alves is self-critical, “too modest,” says he doesn’t like to judge others and Web doesn’t forgive his sister: “Next tattoo: It hurts to be sane”


The gamer was completely criticized for her situation in the game

Images: Reproduction / Redi Globo

This Wednesday (1), Elvis key that it Domitilla Barros I took a minute by the pool to chat about their differences in a game BBB 23. The volleyball player even conducted a self-analysis of her behavior and said that she wanted to clarify some questions about herself after leaving the reality show.

in self-criticism, key She told her friend that she is not a person who judges others. However, his attitude had changed a lot since he entered the BBB. “I am not a judgmental person, I am not a person who has to gossip, say something behind my back. But here we are obliged to listen to something and tell it.”I started.

Photo: Reproduction/Rede Globo

according to Elvis keyThis gossip attitude and your judgments about the other participants are part of your game strategy. “If we don’t, it comes against us. I’m going to make it very clear there, because I think a lot of people probably saw it in a way they didn’t. And even if you want to go on seeing it, damn it.”he finished.

However, on the internet, his lines did not catch well and led to many criticisms on the web. “Man, she really does live in a parallel reality of her own making.”wrote one netizen. She lies so often that she believes it herself.Post wrote. “Next tattoo: It hurts to be sane”iii joked.