March 25, 2023

BBB 23 Leader Vick and Paredão Formation Test; Look what happened! | GSHOW / realities / BBB / BBB 23 / Wall Formation

The live broadcast ends here. Stay tuned for everything from Turbo Week.

the next day!

BBB 23: Tadeu Schmidt gives more details of Turbo Week – Image: Globo

7 minutes ago

Tadeu Schmidt wishes you good luck!

BBB 23: The brothers embrace after forming Paredão – Photo: Globo

9 minutes ago

Defending the walls

Domitilla Barros: “A prominent nail is being hammered. I must be bothering a lot, I must be unbearable. But Brazil can see that I play too much… I’ve already lived too much in this game. I still want to change this game a lot.”

Fred Nicasio: “I’ve come with a mission that’s much bigger than me, which is to provide representation. I want to continue here to inspire and change stories.”

Gustavo: “I achieved my dream, I want to continue until the end of the game.”

3 minutes ago

The wall was inside Domitilla Barros, Gustavo and Fred Nicasio.

MC Guimê uses supreme power and puts Gustavo on Paredão – Image: Globo

17 minutes ago

We now have:

Domitila in Paredão with 5 votes alongside Fred Nicácio and Cara de Sapato.

MC Guimê would have the opportunity to use the supreme power or not. He’s responding to Key Alves’ taunts live. “You play, I want the people who play with me to wake up.”

He takes off Cara de Sapato do Paredão and puts on Gustavo.

20 minutes ago


Marvella votes for Allen Werley. Not to mention the game.

Domitila Barros voiced Ellen Werley. “It’s boring to vote for the same people.”

Key Alves votes for MC Guimê. “I saw that my name and Cowboy’s name were on his lips the whole time.”

Larissa voiced Domitilla Barros. “I have a very nice exchange, but we don’t play together.”

Bruna Griffau voiced Domitilla Barros. “It felt inconsistent and strategic.”

less than a minute ago

The brothers go to the living room to continue the Paredão formation.

Sarah Allen draws fraternity to the open vote.

Gabriel Santana is the first. Brother’s voice is by Allen Werley. “As much as I have a lot of affection, I don’t want to create new diseases.”

Soon, Commander Draws Riccardo, who votes for Caesar.

Ellen Werley votes for Domitilla Barros. “It was my goal.”

MC Guimê votes for Gustavo. “He referred me to Paredão. We have no affinity, partnership.”

Face Boot votes for Cezar. Priority issues.

Fred Bruno voices Domitilla Barros. “I had to vote for her on Sunday, and today is the audition. At my discretion.”

Amanda votes for Domitilla Barros. “Spend a lot.”

Cesar votes for MC Guimê. “It has a requirement to remove someone who is playing with me.”

Fred Nicasio voted for MC Guimê. “game strategy”

Gustavo voted for MC Guimê. Game problem.

BBB 23: The Brothers from Paredão – Photo: Globo

26 minutes ago

Cara Di Sabato pulls Fred Nicasio’s Contragolpe.

Sixth wall of BBB 23: Cara de Sabato nominates Fred Nicasio in Contragolbee

23 minutes ago

Sarah Allen gets caught up in the wall of lightning and needs to point someone straight to the hot seat.

indicate shoe face.

Sarah Allen is surprised by the wall lightning and points at Cara de Sabato

24 minutes ago

Soon after, she collected her VIP. She has four bracelets and she chooses Ricardo, Marvella. Gabriel Santana and Fred Nicasio.

Check out the VIP and Xepa section after the sixth BBB 23 Leader Test

24 minutes ago

The finalists are Sarah Allen, Kara Di Sabato and Ricardo.

Sarah finds the card and is the new leader of the house.

She also earns 10 thousand riyals.

Final Phase: Sarah Allen finds the card and is the new leader of the house

22 minutes ago

At the next stage, Fred doesn’t think so and leaves the dispute.

In the eighth stage of the leader’s trial, Fred doesn’t think so and leaves the fray.

31 minutes ago

Ricardo finds the last card and MC Guimê leaves the dispute.

Stage 7: MC Guimê is eliminated from the BBB 23 Leader Test

18 minutes ago

The dispute over the last card in the pool is between MC Guimê and Ricardo.

The search for Vick VapoBanho is so great that Tadeu could not resist and joked: “Now, Renata Lopret is desperate because they can’t find Vick VapoBanho. It will delay everything.”

Tadeo Schmidt plays Renata Le Prete during the BBB 23 leader audition

28 minutes ago

In the seventh stage, they need to find the cards again in the marble pool. They need to search Vic Vapopano.

Sarah Allen, Fred, the face of the shoe Find the card.

BBB 23: The brothers need to find Vick VapoBanho – Image: Globo

44 minutes ago

Now, they need to find Vick Pyrena Grip-7.

Fred Bruno finds the card and takes down Domitilla Barros.

In the sixth stage of the leader’s test, Fred eliminates Domitila from BBB 23

35 minutes ago

In the fifth stage, they need to find Vick’s Syrup again. Whoever finds the card advances to the next stage.

Cesar is the only one who doesn’t think so and is out of the running.

Stage 5: Cesar is eliminated from the BBB 23 boss test

45 minutes ago

8 participants remain in the dispute.

They put themselves in the pool and another round begins. They need to find Vic Vaporub.

Kara Di Sabato, Sarah Allen, MC Gimme, Fred, Domitilla Barros, Cesar and Ricardo Search for cards.

Amanda doesn’t think so and is out of the fray..

The brothers put themselves in the pool and the fourth round begins, and Amanda loses

30 minutes ago

in the third stage They need to find Vick Pyrena Grip-7. Whoever finds it will be able to exclude a participant from the test.

MC Guimê takes the card and He decides to eliminate Fred Nicasio.

In the third stage, MC Guimê eliminates a brother from Prova do Líder Vick at BBB 23

51 minutes ago

In the second stage, they need to find a drink in you. Bruna Griffaut doesn’t think so and is out of the running.

In the second stage, they need to find a drink in you. Bruna doesn’t think so and is out of the fray

54 minutes ago

They need to search 5 items from Vic in the pool.

Only Allen, Larissa, and Marvella can’t And go home.

Larissa, Allen Werley, and Marvella were eliminated from the BBB 23 leader test

59 minutes ago

The race will be decided in 9 stages. In the first stage, three participants will be eliminated. The test continues until there are 3 players left for the final stage.

In addition to driving, The winner wins 10 thousand riyals.

BBB 23: Vick Leader Test – Image: Globo

See the rules:

Tadeu Schmidt shows what the BBB 23 Commander test looks like

57 minutes ago

Let’s go then to Leader test!

Earlier, Tadeaux Schmidt spoke to Cesar Black about the leader’s party yesterday – “I was so excited yesterday, I’m so happy,” says his brother – and also congratulates Fred Nicasio on his birthday.

BBB 23: Cesar tells how the leader’s party was – Image: Globo
BBB 23: Fred Nicasio celebrates his birthday on Thursday, 2/23 – Photo: Globo

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Find out more details about Turbo Week dynamics:

Dynamics of Turbo Week at BBB 23 – Photo: Globo

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Turbo Week has begun!
The live program on Thursday, 2/23, will be emotionally packed: We’ll have it Test the leader and form a lightning wall. The brothers still don’t know, but the leader will nominate a participant, and the candidate is entitled to a Countercoup, and the council votes.

The Higher Power enters immediately afterward, and MC Guimê, who attended Big Fone earlier, will have the opportunity to decide if he wants to change a participant in the hot seat.

MC Guimê attended Big Fone and won supreme power – Image: Globo

1 hour ago