July 15, 2024

BBB 23 winner Amanda Mirelles begged for a job opening at Globo TV News

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BBB 23 winner Amanda Mirelles begged for a job opening at Globo TV News
BBB 23 winner Amanda Mirelles begged for a job opening at Globo TV News

Amanda Meirelles went through the gritty path to reach BBB Final 23 and win the award. Globo revealed that the doctor had been sending messages on social media for years, begging for a spot on the reality show. But red tape in the hospital’s intensive care unit didn’t allow her to find a loophole to send her request video.

When trying to sign up for the Big Brother Brasil selections, Amanda directly contacted TV Globo’s Instagram profile and begged them to make an exception for her. In 2017, she complained that she couldn’t send the video through her brother, and in 2021, she made a request: “Globo, open the BBB recordings.”

Soon after, he said he needed to finish the application process and even explained why he couldn’t move forward. “I need a finish… You can’t lose me, Globo. I’m an intensive care physician, I was on duty. Make an exception, let me send my video,” he explained.

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Amanda Meirelles begs Globo to fill a vacancy at the BBB

Without showing her letters at the time, Amanda missed out on the chance to be part of the same version of Juliette Freire and Gil do Vigor. But the doctor managed to send her video to the 2023 edition and left the program a millionaire.

Watch the application video

Globo also released a video recording of the lady from Paraná, who attempts to sum up “The Amanda Way” in less than five minutes. “I’m still searching for my place in the world… I’m quite an adaptable person and I’m not attached to anything,” she asserted.

Amanda commented that it was common for her to hear from people around her that she had everything to enter the program and even predicted reasons for being the biggest winner of the edition, recalling the challenges she faced throughout her life.

The grand winner ended the video with, “I’m a tall story.” She also talked about her way of dancing and playing and her lack of luck in love. Watch in full:

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