May 28, 2023

BBB vote 23 partially shows who’s on the 12th wall TV news

The twelfth wall of BBB 23, Sunday Night (2), was formed with a different dynamic. Amanda Mirelles, Cesar Black, Domitila Barros, Larissa Santos, and Marvella fell into the hot seat, but the nurse managed to escape with a Patty Volta audition. Public voting, however, is unusual. As in A Fazenda, the audience must choose Who will remain in the game. The participant with the least preference score leaves this Tuesday (4).

Angels of the Week, Amanda Meirelles and Larissa Santos handed the Protection Necklace to Bruna Griffaue. Sarah Allen, who won the Joker’s authority, was also protected by immunity at The Wall.

Allen Werley voted Leader of the Week after winning a resistance test Domitilla Barros With justifications for rivalry in the game and information that Larisa brought from abroad. The former Rogge argued: “Dometilla was, for most of the game, an avowed target for me, in contention games and polls. I always found her game questionable, and the information I received made me question myself.”

The vote took place in the House of Representatives in the Recognition Hall. Participants had to choose two people for the hot seat. The bottom of the fourth sea managed to lay it Larisa that it Amandadespite Cesar Black voting out Ricardo Alves.

See who voted for whom below:

  • Sarah Allen -> Amanda and Larissa
  • Bruna Griffau -> Marvella and Cesar
  • Marvella -> Amanda and Larissa
  • Amanda Meirelles -> Marvella and Cesar
  • Domitila Barros -> Amanda and Larissa
  • Ricardo Camargo -> Cesar and Amanda
  • Fred Nicasio -> Amanda and Larissa
  • Larissa Santos -> Marvella and Cesar
  • Cesar Black -> Larissa and Ricardo Alves

two left

In a “two-left” dynamic, unprecedented in this season of Big Brother Brasil, Larissa saves Alface; In the sequence, Amanda eliminated the possibility of Fred Nicasio going into the hot seat. Marvella that it Cesar Black They remained and became targets for the possibility of their elimination.

In the Bate e Volta test, not only Domitila participated, as she was nominated by the leader. Activity only saved one sibling and formed a quad wall. Whoever did well in the luck dynamic was Black.

Vote now

On the twelfth wall, the The person least voted by the public will be eliminated From the reality show Globo This Tuesday. Who will stay? Take the survey below and check the percentages in the updated segment:

Click here to open the survey

Who is leaving BBB 23?

Marvella is most at risk of leaving the competition According to part of the survey the news, which has received over 78,000 votes as of the last update to this text. Pagodera only has 15.67% audience choice. Larissa is also at a disadvantage in the vote, having 19.26%.

Dumitella actually received more votes to stay in confinement, with 36.08%. Amanda comes next with 28.99%.

The feud between the sisters is more intense in the UOL poll. The activist leads the poll with 29.69% of options to stay in the game. The physical education teacher appears next with a score of 25.27%. The percentage of female doctors is 23.33%. And the former The Voice Brasil got just 21.71% of the vote.

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