July 24, 2024

BBB22: Advice from Naiara Azevedo responds to the accusation of Marília Mendonça . brother

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Crédito: Reprodução/Instagram
Crédito: Reprodução/Instagram

after joao gustavo, brother Marilia Mendonca, shoot Nayara Azevedo And his participation in “BBB22” in which he said I will do anything to get her out of the program Because she would try to use her sister’s name to promote herself, sertaneja’s team expressed themselves by saying that the two had a “respectful relationship”.

Nayara should release some songs while she will be limited to reality, among them a partnership with Marilia Mendonca recorded in 2020, “50%”. The singer died in a plane crash in November last year.

In a statement, Nayara Azevedo’s advice said the song had not been released before because it had not been released by the company.

“Nayara Azevedo has always maintained a respectful relationship with Marilia, both in music and on a personal level. The song in question has been recorded since 2020, in the “Juntas” project, but has not been released until the present moment due to the launch of the label,” according to the statement.

This Saturday, Joao Gustavo said on Twitter, when commenting on the news that Nayara will release the song during confinement, that the singer “never deceived anyone”.

Marilla’s brother wrote.

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