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BBB22: Arthur, Lena, and Larissa form a sixth triple wall

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BBB22: Arthur, Lena, and Larissa form a sixth triple wall
BBB22: Arthur, Lena, and Larissa form a sixth triple wall

With Directed by Tiago Abravanel During the afternoon, Sunday Wall (27) had only 15 brothers and moves in the game. dynamics based mainly on In the end ‘Leader’s test, the formation had two double votes, which had to reach consensus to submit their nominations. Currently, ArthurAnd the Lina And the Larissa Rely on the audience to stay in the game.

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The formation of the wall has already begun Arthur Agyar And the Lucas On the hot seat. This was the result of the Commander’s Trial, which put the first automatically disqualified pair on the wall.

As usual, the first step in forming the wall was protecting the angel. Douglas Silvathat won the angel guide‘This week, I decided to protect Rodrigo on this wall. Soon, it was the turn of Paulo AndreFirst time leader, decide who your candidate will be.

The leader chose to point LinaBecause of the exchange of sounds that they were in the previous walls. Then , The dynamics changed again. The two brothers were surprised to discover that they would need to vote along with pairs formed to last”Leader’s testthat took place last Thursday (24)..

thiagoAs he was left at the time of formation, he was out of competition for the top spot and would collaborate with him Larissa. Also, now, with his departure, the sister voted alone. The brothers were divided into rooms, each of which was a double in one of the rooms. Check out how the pairs split up in the race:

  • Vinny And the Eliezer
  • Jade Bacon And the lais
  • Slovenia And the Lina
  • Gustavo And the Douglas Silva
  • Jiseilan And the Natalia
  • Paulo Andre And the Pedro Scoobywho won, and in doing so, the surfer had the right to vote by the weight of two
  • Lucas And the Arthur Agyar
  • Tiago Abravanel And the LarissaWho did not participate in the test

Check how to vote:

  • Larissa Voted by Arthur and Lucas, Pedro Scobe (with 2 votes weight)
  • Douglas Voted by Slovenia, Lena, Lais, Jade Bacon, and Larissa
  • Jiseilan Received a vote from Vyni and Eliezer,
  • Slovenia He got a vote from Natalia and Giseilan,
  • Vinny He got a vote from Douglas and Gustavo,

from that way, Larissa And the Douglas Silva tied up and it took a leader this week, Paulo Andre, break the tie. Larissa chose to go through the house to the wall.

The Bate-Volta test gave the last chance to get off the wall

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The ‘Back and forthThis time there was only one stage. The first one to find four packets of a test sponsor cookie will be free of the wall. game LucasAnd the Arthur And the Larissa. As usual, the candidate leader did not participate in the race. Find out how the tours went:

  • In the first round, only Larissa I found the package.
  • In the second round, no one found anything.
  • In the third round, Arthur and Lucas found them first packages. at the same time, Larissa I found the second.
  • In the fourth round, Arthur and Lucas Find their second packages.
  • In the fifth round, Arthur and Lucas Find the third packages.
  • in the sixth round, Lucas found the last package.

After six rounds, Lucas He found his fourth group and got rid of the wall. And therefore , Arthur And the Larissa Join the wall with Lina. Voting is now available on gshow And the brother who gets the most votes will be VI Elimination of BBB22.

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