February 6, 2023
BBB22: Boninho offers spoilers about Thursday's Leader Test (17)

BBB22: Boninho offers spoilers about Thursday’s Leader Test (17)

Thursday is always a tense day in BBB22 at the expense of Leader’s test. Despite the bullshit this morning, participants focus on ensuring this leadership. through social networks, Attractive It gave a spoiler about the dynamics of the night and, contrary to what the brothers had imagined, wouldn’t be a test of endurance.

Photo: Globe

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Today there is a test for the leader“, he wrote Attractive. The director of the reality show also hinted that the brothers will need “Accuracy, speed and luckTo secure victory tonight. Look:

It is worth noting that the Thursday (17) program also It will feature the participation of the eight brothers who were excluded. Nobody knows what will happen and if they will really affect tonight’s leadership, but Attractive Did you use your social media To make sure that there will be no summary. But when it comes to BBBWe know anything can happen.

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So, who will get the best of this Leader’s test? In order not to miss any details about BBB22Just keep in touch here at POPline And of course in Globe. The twenty-second season of Big Brother Brazil It will be broadcast directly after the seriesplace in the sun“, in range 10:20 PM.

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