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BBB22: Could Eliezer’s “pig’s laugh” indicate a health problem? – 01/19/2022

BBB22: Could Eliezer's "pig's laugh" indicate a health problem?  - 01/19/2022
BBB22: Could Eliezer's "pig's laugh" indicate a health problem?  - 01/19/2022

remake of BBB It started this week, and with it, a wave of memes has already swept social networks. One of the more commentary — and unusual — moments was co-host Eliezer, 31, a designer and entrepreneur, laughing at the hog-like sound of it.

The moment was the subject of a joke for broadcaster Tado Schmidt and drew laughter from the confinement companions. Ana Maria Braga, upon seeing the scene, suggested that her brother look for a doctor. “Guys, he’s snoring. There must be something,” the announcer said.

According to otolaryngologist Carlos Barron Jr., laughter just isn’t necessarily a warning sign and is more common if it’s associated with more signs. “If a person has other conditions, such as chronic obstruction of the nose and snoring, they may have some anatomical changes in their upper airway, which make them laugh with an unusual noise,” explains the doctor at Prontobaby da Crianca Hospital in Rio de Janeiro. . from january.

When someone laughs, there are many body structures: from the lips, changes in the position of the tongue to changes in the respiratory system, notes Edilson Zancanela, MD, an otolaryngologist specializing in sleep who specializes in the ABORL-CCF (Brazilian Society of Otolaryngology, Cervical and Otorhinolaryngology). Facial surgery.

In cases where obstructions and other problems elicit various laughs, the changes act as a vibratory effect, explains the professional.

“Respiratory factors such as a stuffy nose, and increased structures in the palate, uvula, and pharynx, such as the tonsils, can trigger an immediate vibratory effect associated with laughter. The intensity of laughter can modulate and intensify this effect causing different noises,” he says.

When do you seek medical help?

One of the main signs you should look for from an ENT doctor is when you notice breathing difficulties from one nostril to the other, which could indicate a deviated nasal septum.

“In these cases, there’s a unilateral obstruction, and usually one side of the nose doesn’t work well. And since the person has always been this way, they don’t notice it,” says Carlos Baroni Jr. “If the person covers one nostril, inhales, repeats on the other side and notices that one is breathing better than the other, this is a signal to seek help.”

ZancanellaGive ABORL-CCF, indicates that breathing through the mouth can cause several changes (dental, swallowing), apnea and more sore throat. There is also a risk of misusing nasal solutions that are harmful to health. “They are vasoconstrictors that will lead to serious problems in the future as well as not solve the problem of the nose,” he says.

Also watch out for frequent sore throats, snoring, runny nose, smell changes, daytime drowsiness, and poor sleep quality.

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