February 6, 2023
BBB22: Lina and Jessi enter the room and end up holding Eliézer and Natália "jumping" on the quilt;  Watch

BBB22: Lina and Jessi enter the room and end up holding Eliézer and Natália “jumping” on the quilt; Watch

Get caught up in the act…or thereabouts! this morning (22), Lyn da Quebrada And the Jiseilan It took Natalia And the Eliezer “in the jump” as they move the quilt, which ends up creating a scene beyond fun. For weeks, the miner and designer had a fiery relationship within boundaries, With the right to kiss and heavy make-up – All under the public eye. However, it was time for the devotees to peek at the couple.

“Come. If Natalia sleeps in a single bed, I will sleep with you, ” She proposed to Lena while chatting in the VIP kitchen with her friend. OK. Couples have priority Jesse agreed. However, upon entering the room, the two sisters encountered some suspicious moves by Nat and Ellie under the quilt.

The duo quickly left the room, without making any noise so as not to “disturb” the spouses. When they got to the kitchen, the friends couldn’t contain their laughter. “Let’s sleep in a lollipop today, huh?” , The teacher joked. “Let’s sleep there, woman, only today” The singer was encouraged. “No. You can’t do that in lollipop,” Jesse fired. “Woman, please [ter que presenciar o] Quilt there? “, Lina asked, laughing.

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Sloveniawho was in the living room, overheard the women’s conversation about sleeping in the opponent’s room and asked him what was going on. “Do they have sex?” She wanted to know. “I don’t know, but something is going on.” The biologist replied. Curious, the model then ran to peek too, not satisfied, then dragged him les caldas.

Entering the grunge room, Islo, Lais, and Lynn saw Eliezer panting with his head outside the quilt and Natalya laughing. The two of them got out laughing and ran back to the living room. “It turns out that Ellie won’t work anymore”, The actress joked. That’s a throwback to fifth grade, right?! ha ha ha Watch:

It is worth noting that Eliezer faces the wall this Tuesday (22) and is competing for the chance to stay in the match with Laes and Douglas Silva. Was this the couple’s “farewell”?