July 18, 2024

BBB22: Ludmilla celebrates exiting Brunna in Rodrigo

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Ludmilla maquiada
Ludmilla maquiada

Since his wife joined “BBB22” from TV Globo, Ludmila Do not take your eyes off the screen. This week the singer celebrated a ballerina story after a joke Rodrigo inside confinement. The participants were talking in the room about the behavior of those in a serious relationship outside the house and the commercial director joked, citing the artist’s name: “Ludmila! Do not worry, we take care of you. bruninha! She’s so well behaved, she’s just listening here, look! ”

Then the dancer replied that she did not need to be monitored: “I don’t need care, no. I know how to take care of myself.” The singer on Twitter celebrated the story of her friend.

only praise

Recently, Ludmila I also used social media To praise the status of womendancer Bruna Gonçalves, not limited “BBB22”, in a group The Plane. “Oh, guys, Prue is really cute. She is the best person, treats everyone well, my baby is his sweetheart.” Ludmila still on social media could not resist and stated to her sister: “I love you, Prue.”

Two days ago, in a conversation with Laes, Barbara, and Nayara, Bruna told her farewell details with Ludmila. The ballerina revealed that she had not seen the woman since early January. They said goodbye and then new BBB22 He isolated himself in a room for fear of catching Covid-19 on the eve of his entry into reality. She also stressed that the two had not been apart for a long time.

We never parted for long. People are very, very connected. All the time together. We said goodbye at the beginning of January, due to this covid pandemic, I was so scared and had a show to do. I stopped doing shows long time ago. So I isolated myself in a room.”

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