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“BBB22”: Nayara Azevedo sings a song with Marilia Mendonca and says it will be released in February | TV and series

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"BBB22": Nayara Azevedo sings a song with Marilia Mendonca and says it will be released in February |  TV and series
"BBB22": Nayara Azevedo sings a song with Marilia Mendonca and says it will be released in February |  TV and series

He is not aware of the controversy surrounding the song “50 Percent”. Nayara Azevedo He sang an excerpt from the track for some of the participants in “BBB22This Tuesday (18) before she presented some verses, Nayara said:

“I recorded with Marilia and I am not happy to release it yet. It has been two years since I recorded it. It will now be released in February,” Nayara said without knowing that the track release could be cancelled.

Last week, shortly after the singer’s name was announced as a participant in the reality show, The track “50 percent” in a posthumous partnership with Marilia Mendonca was criticized by the singer’s brother Joao Gustavo.. Nayara Azevedo’s team said it was a “heartfelt appreciation”. But the family says they have been hurt by the singer for not contacting them and claim there is no release for release.

Not Sunday (16), Nayara Azevedo’s team said that she will drop the release of the song “50 Percent”, The recording was made in partnership with Marília Mendonça, if the singer’s family wanted it.

Naiara Azevedo and Marília Mendonça in 2020, score a clip from Project Juntas – Photo: Disclosure

Before the premiere of the show, when I sought after g 1And And the advice of the country singer says, “She is locked up and knows nothing inside her.” As a result, there was a high probability that Nayara could comment on the song or sing excerpts, as well as other tracks on the DVD “Based on Real Facts”, which was recorded in December, in Goiania.

It should be noted that in the last edition, Carol Konka sang excerpts from the new song “Louca e sagaz”, which was scheduled to be released in the first half of the year. But the release was delayed due to the rapper’s performance at BBB. This can also happen to Naiara, if the abolition of the bachelorette is confirmed.

Since sending communications from Team Nayara and Marilia’s family (Read full below)The two teams have yet to meet to decide whether or not to launch the track. What is actually true, according to Naiara’s advice, is the release of the song “Nem te culpo”, from the same album, on Wednesday (19).

Nayara’s entry into the house is reminiscent of an album ready for BBB sertanejo’s previous plan, Rodolffo. He arrived with a DVD ready with his teammate Israel. The duo did well, with “Batom de Cherry” being the most played song of the year in Brazil.

Nayara’s album contains 12 songs and features Humberto & Ronaldo, caro & Gilmar, and Gabriel Gava.

The first musical controversy of “BBB22“It’s still starting to lock up. Nayara Azevedo has announced that she has 12 songs ready, which can be released all over reality.

a The inclusion of the track “50 percent” has begun to stir controversy after criticism from Joao Gustavo on Twitter. He said that Nayara entered the BBB to “promote herself”, that she would not “take my sister’s name out of her mouth” and that she would not accept “anyone who wins her name”.

The Nayara team explains the project

Nayara Azevedo’s team, when refuting her brother’s criticisms, described g 1 The album project “Nayara Azevedo – Based on Real Facts” said that “the two singers have always had a respectful relationship both in music and in the personal sphere.”

According to Naiara’s team, the video was recorded for “50 percent” in 2020, for her project called “Juntas”, which will have partnerships with other women. But the release was pending permission from Marilia Records, the press office says. This project ended up not coming out.

Permission to release “50 percent” would only have been given at the end of 2021, with no specific date (which the family denies; read more below).

Naiara decided to include the song on the album and “He chose to re-record the song as a loving way to honor the singer, inserting the video clip images onto his new DVD screen,” the team says.

Nayara Azevedo co-authored “50 Percent” alongside Diner Ferrari, Vinnie Miranda, Rafael Quadros and Walleria Liao.

The family reiterates criticism

Marília Mendonça’s family released a statement Saturday night (15) in which they reiterated their brother’s criticism. Read:

“We are here with the task of fulfilling Marilia’s will, all the songs she allowed her to come to life will be released, as she wanted. What hurts us is the use of the media in a strategic way to force release, without even communicating with us All artists had the respect to look for us. Nayara or Never anyone from her team. The reasons for rejection have always been with Marilia. We will always respect her wishes, and other songs will continue to be released because it was her wish. Unfortunately we deal with this kind of thing on a daily basis. Don’t ask those who live in pain to agree with everything Because what we have is so much more dealing with the loss of a daughter, sister and mother, we are not dealing alone and exclusively with artist Marilia Mendonca.”

Nayara’s team emphasizes ‘admiration and respect’ and says they won’t be released if they don’t want to

Read the full note issued on Sunday (16):

“The Nayara Azevedo team has all the admiration and respect for Marilia Mendonca and her family, and understands all the subtleties of the situation.

The recording of the song “50 Percent” was done by the two artists. For the release, bureaucracy on the part of the record company is necessary – which is common in any recorded feat. Authorization for artists to participate only came in the first half of 2021, and release in early 2022.

With Naiara invited to participate in the most visible reality show in Brazil, a career strategy for the singer was drawn up and a DVD was recorded, which everyone knows how important for the artist is. In this project, the song “50 percent”, a very special song by Naiara, was included, and Marília’s participation was preserved through the images of the already recorded video, as a form of affection and admiration.

We repeat that everything has always been done within legal process.

But, out of respect for Marilia’s family, and if their will is not to want this version, we will understand the song and not release it.

And here it is emphasized, once again, all the admiration and respect that has always existed among the artists. ”

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