May 18, 2022
BBB22: Tadeu sends another kiss to Piovani and Marquezine says: 'Don't stop until you're stuck'

BBB22: Tadeu sends another kiss to Piovani and Marquezine says: ‘Don’t stop until you’re stuck’

when closing”BBB22This Wednesday (18), Thaddeus Schmidt Send another kiss to the actress Luana Biovaniwho had previously received a special affection from the announcer in the premiere of the reality show after the program showed a video clip of her that was commented on her ex-husband, Pedro ScoobyOne of the participants in this edition.

Reality fan, actress Bruna Marquezine He taped the stories during Wednesday’s program finale and praised the presenter when he realized he had sent another kiss to Piovani, getting excited.

“Bye, Tadeo, you’re so cute… Kiss Luana? Send another kiss to Luana Biovani! Hey Thaddeus Thank you! She doesn’t stop sending Luana kisses until she decides to follow, post stories and tweet every day,” joked Marquezine.

Luana Piovani generated public expectations that she would like to see her comment on the reality show, because her relationship with her ex-husband is not the best and the actress often shows Scooby on the networks.

But the actress has disputed the public calls, saying that she does not watch the show and will not comment or comment on it unless Attractive He presents her with a contract and it becomes a job for her.

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