March 22, 2023
BC issues Visa-branded WhatsApp purchases

BC issues Visa-branded WhatsApp purchases

Understand how Visa-branded WhatsApp purchases issued by BC will work and find out what the feature is for.

Last Friday (18th), the BC (Central Bank) authorized a change to the regulation of Visa payment arrangements. Hence, as of this release, the company is taking a step to start implementing payments for businesses on WhatsApp Pay.

This new feature will allow consumers to make purchases from businesses directly in the messaging app using a Visa card.

WhatsApp shopping

Firstly, this feature was launched in March last year and since then it has been possible to transfer money. Thus, this authorization obtained by Visa relates to the issuance between persons and companies.

With the operation of this novelty, it will be possible to carry out purchase transactions in the national territory with creditDiscount and prepaid. Thus, on a note, BC highlighted that this authorization is just one of the printouts that will be made to issue Facebook Pay in the event of a purchase arrangement.

“The program remains suspended until compliance with other applicable regulatory requirements, particularly those related to competition and non-discriminatory aspects of accreditation, has been demonstrated by the institutions involved in its implementation,” BC said in a statement.


On the other hand, Visa said it is working on testing its people-to-business payments service on WhatsApp, along with participating issuers and purchasers.

“The tests will prove the efficiency and security of a solution that prioritizes the user experience and the business enterprise,” Visa said.

Thus, when exchanging messages with a company on WhatsApp, the consumer can choose the desired product, put it in the shopping cart and send it to the company which in turn completes the process on its platform.

Therefore, the goal is that with the resource between people and companies, the organization itself closes the purchase with only WhatsApp.

How is the purchase made?

See a Meta printout showing how this tool works:


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